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Ebola outbreak exposed the risk of pandemic and need for globally coordinated response, DARPA plans for Rapid Development of Medical Countermeasures


From Ebola outbreak in West Africa to various strains of avian influenza to, most recently, the rapid spread of Zika has shown that even with all advances in modern medicine we are still not completely safe from pandemics. These  epidemic of infectious diseases  can spread quickly through human populations across …

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Billions of Every day and Military “Internet of Things” poses huge security challenge, require evolutionary and revolutionary approaches


In Oct 2016, an attacker used malware to command  Internet of Things, or IOT, devices  to carry out DDoS attack- which in turn overwhelmed their target with unwanted requests.  “On command, thousands of internet-connected devices began sending waves of data at Dyn, one of the domain name server, or DNS, resulting …

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Rapid deployment of Directed Energy Weapons is leading to search and development of counter directed energy technologies, techniques and tactics


Directed-energy weapons are among a handful of maturing disruptive or asymmetric technologies that could confer game-changing technological advantages both as a superior defensive capability and as an effective electronic attack option. US Navy’s 30-kilowatt Laser Weapon System (LaWS) on USS Ponce is the first laser weapon to have attained Initial Operating …

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Hyper-intelligent systems and Fully Autonomous Weapons and Platforms are gravest risk to mankind


Prof Stephen Hawking,one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists has said that the invention of artificial intelligence could be the biggest disaster in humanity’s history, warning that if they are not properly managed, thinking machines could spell the end for civilisation. Professor Hawking, a prominent critic of making unchecked advances in AI, said that …

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Studies find Climate change is the one of the biggest existential threat, important driver of current and future Global Conflicts in Africa, Syria and Arctic


Climate change is the one of the biggest existential threat faced by entire world and also one of the major driver of current and future global conflicts. Climate change is an important catalyst for war, terrorism and major migration patterns, Dutch armed forces chief Tom Middendorp has told a conference in …

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Global threat of an unknown Asteroid striking the Earth need International asteroid warning network and new destruction and deflection technologies


Recently, NASA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government agencies engaged in a planetary protection exercise to consider the potentially devastating consequences of a 330foot asteroid hitting the Earth. The simulation projected a worstcase blast wave by an asteroid strike in 2020 that could level structures across 30 miles, require a mass evacuation of …

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