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US Military, the world’s largest polluter meeting ambitious renewable energy targets for energy security and reducing climate change

us military climate change consensus

The  senior military officials intend to “forge ahead under the new administration with a decade-long effort to convert its fuel-hungry operations to renewable power,” according to Reuter report. “We expect that it’s going to continue during the Trump administration,” said Lt. Col. Wayne Kinsel, head of the infrastructure unit of the Air …

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US DOD developing Fuel Cells to power Soldier wearables to Military Vehicles and Submarines to Military Bases


A fuel cell is an electro-chemical energy conversion device that produces electricity through a chemical reaction, but without combustion. It converts hydrogen and oxygen into water, and in the process also creates electricity. Whereas battery is filled with chemicals that react with each other to generate an electromotive force (emf), Fuel cells …

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Devices powered by human motion could Soon Power Smartphones, wireless sensors, biomedical implants and reduce the soldier’s load


Engineering researchers from the Michigan State University have developed a pioneering nanotechnology that may soon power up smartphones and wearable devices using simple human motions, such as finger swipe over a smartphone screen to charge it, typing on keyboards that will charge laptop batteries, and kinetics of jogging feet charging …

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