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Devices powered by human motion could Soon Power Smartphones, wireless sensors, biomedical implants and reduce the soldier’s load


Engineering researchers from the Michigan State University have developed a pioneering nanotechnology that may soon power up smartphones and wearable devices using simple human motions, such as finger swipe over a smartphone screen to charge it, typing on keyboards that will charge laptop batteries, and kinetics of jogging feet charging …

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New world efficiency records in Perovskite solar cells enabling flexible, and cheap solar panels for powering electronic devices, from tablets to buildings’ electrical grids


Worldwide growth of photovoltaics has been fitting an exponential curve for more than two decades. During this period of time, photovoltaics (PV), also known as solar PV, has evolved from a pure niche market of small scale applications towards becoming a mainstream electricity source. There is a need for cheaper, more …

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Energy storage systems breakthroughs from liquid air to silicon energy storage systems to super-capacitors for more resilient energy infrastructure and bring cost savings


“Energy storage fundamentally improves the way we generate, deliver, and consume electricity. Energy storage helps during emergencies like power outages from storms, equipment failures, accidents or even terrorist attacks. But the game-changing nature of energy storage is its ability to balance power supply and demand instantaneously – within miliseconds – …

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Rapid Expansion of Renewable Energy is only sustainable on availability of critical materials


“Large scale deployment of low-carbon technologies is crucial for sustainable development and for counteracting anthropogenic climate change, but the potential growth rates of technologies, the required energy and material flows, and the availability of required resources should be considered when planning for future alternative energy systems,”According to PhD student Simon …

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