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US, Israel and India developing new technologies to detect and neutralize terror tunnels used for drug and weapon smuggling, human trafficking, and cross border terorrism

Detecting terror tunnels built by Hamas

In recent Israel-Palestine Conflict, Israel had carried out massive ground offensive to wipe out a vast network of tunnels built by Hamas. Israel sees these being built for infiltrating its territory, smuggle large amounts of firearms and other sabotage materials into the Gaza Strip. Many bemoan the fact, that such …

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Nuclear Preparedness require Accurate Modelling and Simulation for Prediction of Nuclear Weapons Effects on Facilities and persons


According to the U.S. National Security Strategy, the potential use of nuclear weapons poses the greatest danger to U.S. security. Apart from countries like North Korea that threaten to use nuclear weapons, the world is facing many nuclear threats because of  nuclear arms race in asia, modernization of  nuclear arsenal …

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Queensland Government Counter-Terrorism Strategy for rising threat level in Australia, implementing plan and Hi-tech technology requirements


The last Queensland Government counter-terrorism strategy was released in 2013 and the Opposition believes it needs to be updated on current threat levels. In January, NSW announced its first-ever minister for counter terrorism. All States and territories under current laws only allow for a detention of a suspect for up …

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China allows PLA to conduct counterterrorism missions abroad and provide sweeping powers to security forces

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CHINESE authorities have ordered all motor vehicles in Bayingol prefecture in far-western Xinjiang to be installed with mandatory satellite tracking devices, the latest tough anti-terror measure targeting the ethnically divided region. China has been stepping up already tight security in restive Xinjiang after a rise in violence in recent months.   …

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New JPL technology could help track firefighters and fight terrorists through thick concrete, underground tunnels, caves or under ice


Seventeen years ago in Worcester, Massachusetts, six firefighters who were dispatched to a smoke-filled warehouse lost their lives as they were unable to find an exit before running out of oxygen.  A group of scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California are working on a tracking system called “Pointer,” …

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