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DARPA ICEMAN to protect Military pilots from cognitive degradation from operational and High power microwave weapons

Military pilots often report cognitive performance challenges during flight operations. Many have reported experiences with spatial disorientation (SD), in which the pilot’s perception of aircraft position, motion, altitude, or attitude does not correspond to reality. SD has posed a significant problem to military pilots and continues to be a challenge today. …

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Agile Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

A project portfolio is a collection of projects, programs and processes that are managed together and optimized for the financial and strategic goals of an organization. A portfolio can be managed at either the functional or the organizational level. Unlike a project, which has a defined end goal or deliverable, a …

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Agile and SCRUM have become dominant software project development methods

Project management is a booming trend in all organizations. All the business people want to find a way to manage their projects effectively to boost the business’s productivity, and the only solution is to use the methodologies of project management. In the middle of the 1990s, the common way of …

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