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Rise of Extended Longevity or Anti Ageing technology

We’re living longer these days, but that hasn’t stopped newer branches of medicine from trying to enhance and further extend our lifespans.

Modern society places a high value on appearance and youth. Whole markets have emerged to sell products for aesthetic purposes with the underlying intention to help people age their best. While it may be tempting to mock the fitness industry or the latest ‘super-fruit’, the reality is that if we are to live longer, we should also seek to live healthier.


Over the next decades, nations will be adapting funding and infrastructure to support the health and flourishing of their ageing populations.


Anti-ageing is a billion dollar industry. However, many purported anti-ageing products (including supplements) lack evidence regarding their effectiveness but are nonetheless widely promoted and sold.


Researchers in longevity medicine and biogerontology are studying drugs and compounds that can prevent and reverse aging on the cellular level.


The field of geroprotectionTrusted Source involves understanding cell senescence, which is when cells stop dividing. When senescent cells no longer divide, they stop functioning, so organ health deteriorates. Cell senescence also causes the release of proinflammatory cytokines, which damage tissues.


This arena involves the use of geroprotectors, which are compounds that can stop or reverse cellular aging, and senolytics, which are compounds that can pinpoint and destroy senescent cells. This is why researchers are looking into geroprotectors and senolytics, which requires long spans of time to understand.


Researchers are also looking into our cell’s telomeres, which are short segments of DNA in our chromosomes that protect cells from wear and tear that comes with aging. As cells divide, they can shorten and no longer protect the chromosome or cell. Lengthening them is the focus of recent research. Last year, a BGRF study was able to lengthen human telomeres.


A recent reportTrusted Source in the journal CellTrusted Source detailed how peptides were able to boost the life span of mice. The study examined how cell therapy could reverse poor age-related kidney function, fur loss, and frailty in mice. Scientists are looking into whether or not the approach can also prolong the life span of mice. Human safety studies are in the works.



Extended Longevity Demonstrates Breakthrough Technology

Extended Longevity, a Hawaii-based anti-aging company, announced age deceleration of 12 years and 9 years in two 42-year-old men using epigenome testing in August 2022. One test subject has also regrown telomeres to 9,150 base pairs using the SpectraCell Telomere test. Thus, demonstrating that the aging process, as represented by biomarker tests, can be reversed in younger individuals. Test results are available for review at:


“Our test subject is a 43-year-old man who has demonstrated a 9-year epigenome age reduction and has regrown his telomeres to 9,150 base pairs, this is a remarkable achievement in the longevity sciences,” said Steven M. Schorr, Founder and CEO. “To regrow the telomeres means the cells remain youthful and productive.” Schorr continued, “This may indicate that maintaining youthfulness through the Extended Longevity Protocol can start earlier than originally anticipated. Truly, we have discovered a new, testable ‘Fountain of Youth.’ The sooner you begin the Protocol, the higher the likelihood you will maintain your youthful appearance.”


The company is currently running medically supervised studies, with independent lab testing. Thus far, they have revealed that these formulations have regrown telomeres to lengths consistent with preteens, significantly lowered levels of inflammation, and rolled back epigenetic clocks by an astonishing 15 years.



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