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DARPA ICARUS develops self destructing drones that make precise deliveries of critical supplies and then vaporize into thin air

A Chinese navy submarine rescue vessel launched a small boat and seized the US drone which the Pentagon also called an “ocean glider.”  The Pentagon said the Chinese ship ignored repeated demands to return the vehicle from the USNS Bowditch. One week later the Chinese government has returned the US …

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US military developing brain implants to treat depression and PTSD in soldiers and boosting memory

Large number of Americans suffer from PTSD. PTSD is a condition in which individuals feel anxiety and panic when reminded of a traumatic event. Current statistics suggest that between 6.8 and 10.1 percent of Americans will develop PTSD in their lifetimes making it the 5th most common psychiatric illness. “For …

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Future Robots to automatically identify terrorists in real time through Intelligent Video Surveillance

The surveillance for security operations is normally performed by humans, which provide visual intelligence. However, this can be dull and dangerous, especially for security operations. In the future machines or robots might be able to automatically recognize “suspicious behavior” or identify and interpret the acts of a potential terrorist. However, …

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