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Space Tech to the Rescue: Cleaning Up Our Oceans from Plastics


Picture the vast expanse of our oceans, their shimmering blue surfaces concealing a silent threat – over 5 trillion pieces of plastic, suffocating marine life and disrupting ecosystems. While the challenge may seem insurmountable, a glimmer of hope emerges from above – space technology is stepping up to tackle the issue, providing innovative tools to detect, track, and eliminate this plastic plague.

Eyes in the Sky:

No longer relying on blurry satellite images, advanced cameras and AI algorithms on satellites now function as eagle eyes, peering through the waves to distinguish plastic from harmless debris like driftwood. This detailed view facilitates targeted cleanup efforts, unveiling the hidden paths of plastic in our oceans.

Real-Time Tracking:

Imagine Google Maps for plastic pollution. Powerful web applications integrate satellite imagery, on-site cameras, and AI to create live maps of pollution hotspots. Coastal authorities can effortlessly identify areas overwhelmed with plastic, directing cleanup crews to the right places at the right time.

Predicting the Plastic Path:

In an innovative application, satellite data collaborates with ocean and weather models to predict the future journey of plastic. By anticipating its drift, authorities can set up interception points before it reaches vulnerable coastlines or precious coral reefs.

Future Possibilities:

The potential applications of space-based solutions are vast, including satellite-guided robots patrolling the oceans to scoop up plastic debris, AI-powered drones tagging individual plastic items for targeted removal, and real-time tracking of illegal dumping from space to prevent pollution at its source.

Europe’s CASSINI Prize Unveils Winning Solutions:

The European Union’s CASSINI initiative recognizes that accurate tracking and identification of debris are fundamental in combating the plastic plague. Through the Maritime CASSINI Prize, three innovative solutions have emerged:

  1. Coastal Marine Litter Observatory by SCIDRONES: Integrating satellite data with high-resolution drone imagery and advanced AI, this application distinguishes plastic from natural debris, guiding local authorities to prioritize cleanup efforts effectively.
  2. Eyes on Plastic by EOMAP: This data-driven web app combines satellite imagery, on-site cameras, cloud-based processing, and crowdsourcing to map and monitor plastic pollution in near real-time, empowering governmental stakeholders to manage and report plastic pollution.
  3. Ocean Plastic Alert and Tracking by GEOMATYS: Utilizing satellite images alongside weather and oceanographic models, this application detects debris at sea and predicts its drift. Coastal authorities can optimize collection efforts by anticipating the movement of plastic after storms or other events.

The winning solutions each received a substantial €950,000 cash prize, propelling them to further develop, scale up, and commercialize their applications. This marks a significant stride forward in the fight against ocean plastic, demonstrating the immense potential of space technology in addressing environmental challenges.


As innovation aligns with environmental consciousness, the future of our oceans appears brighter. However, technology alone is insufficient. This is just the beginning – a testament to the power of collaboration between public and private sectors, driven by cutting-edge technology and a shared vision of a cleaner, healthier planet.

Join the cause. Reduce your plastic footprint, support cleanup organizations, and raise awareness. Together, with space-age tools and collective action, we can turn the tide on plastic pollution and ensure a sustainable future for our oceans.

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