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US Air force developing Killer Drones

The airforce vehicle laboratory released a computer generated video to show off the capabilities of flying UAVs they are designing. They tiny robots can fly like birds, crawl like spiders, hover like bees and can also attack a human target with a weapon.

The relevance of this technology to future warfare is limitless. In the future it would be possible for army to send a team of micro-UAVs to the area of conflict. The team will search the area for targets collectively, able to track the threats and when commanded can fly near them and detonate a small fragmentation charge stored inside them. Such a capability shall drastically reduce the dangers of urban warfare.

The micro-UAVs shall also be expandable, so it does not matter if a few of them are lost in the mission due to enemy fire or malfunction.

These micro-UAVs shall create a great psychological fear in the mind of the enemy. These killer robots could sneak through their windows; door openings etc. and kill them when they are sleeping.

They can also actively assist the platoon in tactical operations, they can guard key vulnerability points while the team is carrying out the raids. This shall also allow reducing the manpower required for such operations.

Even in counter terrorism operations, these UAVs could go inside the hotel building and then search for terrorists and hostages in the rooms and stairways and then transmit this intelligence through real time video. They could also able to attack terrorists by surprise when they come within their lethal range. This is much better than direct firing from a distance, which incidentally also give away shooter’s position and allow the terrorists to change positions

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