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Rising conflicts and terrorist threats driving large growth in Military Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes items that must be worn in combat and in training. Military personal protective equipment has become a crucial and standard element of soldier equipment. Increasing awareness about safety and security of military personals along with initiative by government in procurement of personal protective wears is expected to fuel the growth of the military personal protective equipment market.


One of the major factor driving the market is the increasing role of ground troops in different parts of the world such as IraqAfghanistan and India among others. Moreover, high conflicts at borders among various countries and increasing threat of terrorism are also expected to boost the growth of the market. However, high cost incurred for the wellbeing and for security procedures is expected to hinder the growth of the market. Furthermore, technological advancements, light weight body armor and personal protective equipment for female military personals due to increasing number of females joining the armed forces would provide opportunity for the growth in the upcoming years.


As of 2014, there were 8 active military conflicts and 10 official wars known by the United States. In addition, there were also other violent clashes relating 64 countries and 576 separatist and militias groups. In 2016, in wars between Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, the Lake Chad basin and Yemen helps the military personal protective equipment market to grow at a high CAGR which in turn is expected to boost the market.


The demand for military personal protective equipment is anticipated to be driven by modernization initiatives undertaken by several large defense spenders globally and various internal security threats, such as organized crime and terrorism among others.


Military personal protective equipments are designed to provide protection from serious illness or injuries caused from interaction with physical, chemical, radiological, electrical, mechanical or any bio-hazards matter. Several countries are focusing on manufacturing better military personal protective equipment such as lightweight under suits, ballistic inserts, combat helmets and advanced night vision equipment that provide the benefits of enhanced protection and comfort to ground, navy and air forces.


Various personal protective equipment designed for safety include eye protection, hand and foot protection, face protection, head protection and among others. Some of the military personal protective equipment are Body armor (IBA), improved outer tactical vest (IOTV), advanced combat helmet (ACH), pelvic protection systems (PPS), life safety jacket,  and military combat eye protection (MCEP). No single combination of protective equipment can protect against all hazards. Among various product types of the military personal protective equipment market body armor (BA) is the held the major market share in 2015 and expected to be the same during the forecast period of 2018 – 2025.


Global Military Personal Protective Equipment Market is estimated to reach $24.5 billion by 2024 with CAGR of 6.5% between 2016 and 2024. Numerous terrorist activities and military conflicts have highlighted the importance of personal protective wears for dealing with events involving biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear agents.


In 2015, the market is expected to be dominated by North America followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, Asia Pacific occupies more than 20% of the global market share, is driven by developing economies such as India, South Korea, Japan and China among others which are performing soldier modernization programs.


However, in 2024 Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the largest market for military personal protective equipment market followed by North America. China held the largest share for the military personal protective equipment market in Asia Pacific in 2015. It is also expected to experience healthy growth in the coming years. Growing research and development activities started by different research organizations acts as a driving factor of the market. In addition, growing concerns over the safety and protection of the forces is expected to propel the growth of the market.


Numerous companies globally continue to work to provide accurate personal protective wears, as more nations are becoming industrialized and prosper; the need to develop for personal protective equipment is higher, from fighters to industrial workers.


Key players  include 3M Ceradyne (United States), ArmorWorks (United States), Eagle Industries Unlimited Inc (United States), BAE Systems (United Kingdom), DSM Dyneema (United States),Armorsource (United States), Du Pont (United States), Honeywell Advanced Fibres and Composites (United States), Revision Military Inc. (United States) and GentexCorporatio Corporation (United States) among others.



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