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Remote Security Assessment System (RSAS)

Network vulnerabilities are an increasingly common issue in today’s highly complex computing environments. With exploit attacks appearing faster than ever before, it has become significantly more challenging for organizations to protect against attacks. Only if users could discover these vulnerabilities in their network and proactively get ready before attackers take action, can the losses of attacks be effectively avoided.

Remote Security Assessment System (RSAS) is a “must have” security assessment tool for enterprises system/security administrators to effectively identify and remediate the network vulnerabilities that could lead to exposure and malicious attacks.

RSAS discovers security vulnerabilities of the network and cyber asset automatically, efficiently and accurately

The Open Vulnerability Management (Open VM) platform provides powerful security solution toachieve vulnerability management in the entire workflow.

The freestanding design and embedded operating system has dramatically improved the system’s efficiency and keep the system itself in safe. It is stable and reliable, with no additional storage devices needed.

The powerful Web application scanner can perform overall security scanning to Web applications, Web services and supportive systems, and help IT staff to simplify the work in finding and fixing application vulnerabilities.



RSAS Market

The global Remote Security Assessment System (RSAS) market is expected to reach US$ $Million by 2027, with a CAGR of $% from 2020 to 2027.

The digital economy affects the world’s trajectory and the societal well-being of common citizens. In addition, it influences everything from resource assignment to income allocation and economic growth. The adoption of the Internet of Things is pushing significant market growth. Additionally, in 5-10 years, the latest technologies such as robotics, AI, and augmented reality can illustrate around 27% of ICT spending. Consumer demand for access to content and products at any time and from any location is propelling the ICT market forward. The ICT sector is lucrative for vendors since it has about 7 billion mobile subscribers and 3 billion Internet, users.

Market Segments

Remote Security Assessment System (RSAS) Market Types:

Cloud-Based Solution
On-Premise Solution

Remote Security Assessment System (RSAS) Market Applications:

Large Enterprises

Key Players in the Remote Security Assessment System (RSAS) market are Kroll, FireEye, SBS CyberSecurity, Pentest People, RSM, NSFOCUS



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