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Soft Robotics transforming military soft exosuits in reducing injuries to explosive ordnance disposal

Robots have already become an indispensable part of our lives. However currently, most robots are relatively rigid machines which make unnatural movements. Inspired by living organisms, soft material robotics hold great promise for areas where robots need to contact and interact with humans, such as manufacturing and healthcare. Unlike rigid robots, …

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Iron Man-style and Soft exoskeleton suits to give troops ‘superhuman strength’ and increase their endurance

Some of the missions the soldiers perform can take weeks, away from in difficult terrain like deserts and mountains which requires maintaining an incredibly high level of physical fitness. Around the world, armies are recognizing the importance of maximizing the effectiveness of Soldiers physically, perceptually, and cognitively.Exoskeletons can improve the …

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Militaries employing Micro and Nano air vehicles to support Soldiers in tactical operations on battlefield

Large UAVs, such as  Global Hawk,  General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, and predecessor MQ-1 Predator have already become indispensable to modern militaries in providing intelligence, near-real-time reconnaissance and surveillance to commanders, and offering warfighters greater battlespace awareness. They have proven effective in electronic combat support, battle damage assessment, and even in …

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“Future of Work” demands transformation of learning and development (L&D)

Today’s disruptive working landscape requires organizations to largely restructure the way they are doing work, which has a significant impact on the capabilities business leaders expect from their people.   As technology races ahead, skill gaps have appeared, widened and morphed.  In addition, automation may displace 85 million jobs by …

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Implantable Biosensors for Soldier’s health monitoring, diagnosis, and disease treatments

Biosensors, that is sensors that can detect parameters in a living being, are becoming more and more effective in several respects: detecting more and more parameters, becoming more and more sensitive, being able to co-exist for long period of time with the hosting organism to the point of becoming an …

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Telexistence enables Soldiers undertake dangerous tasks in hazardous environments

Telexistence is fundamentally a concept named for the general technology that enables a human being to have a real-time sensation of being at a place other than where they actually exist, and being able to interact with the remote environment, which may be real, virtual, or a combination of both. …

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Genome medicine technology trends and market growth

The genome is the complete set of information in an organism’s DNA. A DNA molecule consists of two long chains or strands. Each DNA chain contains a genetic code written using only four letters, which represent nucleotide subunits or bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), thymine (T), and cytosine (C). Their …

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China emotional surveillance technology monitoring employees, people’s loyality and soldiers using AI based brain waves and facial expression analysis

China is reportedly testing a sophisticated facial recognition system that could closely monitor targeted people in a Muslim-dominant province. The network is installed at residents’ homes and workplaces in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in western China, reported Bloomberg. The new face-reading AI technology would alert the authorities if any suspects …

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DARPA Cornerstone to protect soldiers against blast or impact-induced behavioral and cognitive injury

Some 1 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries annually. Concussion can cause inner ear damage that can cause dizziness, anxiety, depression, moodiness, balance problems and irritability, said Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, the physical therapist for the Fort Drum Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic. The three different forms of TBI—severe, moderate, and mild—all manifest …

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DARPA ICEMAN to protect Military pilots from cognitive degradation from operational and High power microwave weapons

Military pilots often report cognitive performance challenges during flight operations. Many have reported experiences with spatial disorientation (SD), in which the pilot’s perception of aircraft position, motion, altitude, or attitude does not correspond to reality. SD has posed a significant problem to military pilots and continues to be a challenge today. …

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