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USAF to replace replacing JSTARS a wide area ground surveillance, battle management command and control platform with Advanced Battle Management System or ABMS

JSTARS is a joint development project of the US Air Force and Army which provides a picture of the ground situation equivalent to that of the air situation provided by AWACS. Operating from a stand-off position often in excess of 200 km, it can detect, locate and classify tracks and …

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Countries launch AWACS to detect stealthy targets and perform multi roles such as search & rescue, border surveillance and Battle Management

Situational awareness of potential hostile targets and of friendly forces is considered to be a key component in obtaining and sustaining military superiority over adversaries.  Airborne Early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft provides a real-time picture of friendly, neutral, and hostile air and maritime activity under all kinds of weather …

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Naval Combat and Combat Management Systems (NCMS) being upgraded to handle new maritime security threats

Recent years have seen multiple new security challenges emerge in the maritime arena. Navies, coast guards and other maritime security agencies face a proliferation of security challenges. These include: illegal fishing of territorial waters; incursion of mineral exploitation across legal boundaries; maritime terrorism; narcotics smuggling; pollution as a result of …

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The emerging field of phonon management allow novel phononic materials and devices to control sound and heat.

The phonon is the physical particle representing mechanical vibration and is responsible for the transmission of everyday sound and heat. Understanding and controlling the phononic properties of materials provides opportunities to thermally insulate buildings, reduce environmental noise, transform waste heat into electricity and develop earthquake protection.   The concept of …

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Military developing sound endpoint management strategies to deal with rising cyber-attacks and data breaches, and increasingly mobile workforce

With the rise of cyber-attacks and data breaches, and today’s increasingly mobile workforce, securely managing data and endpoints without inhibiting employee productivity has become critical to organizations including military. Many devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops now have network access capabilities however these devices also provide an entry point …

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Nanofluids for thermal management of Space and Nuclear systems, military vehicles and submarines, power electronics and directed-energy weapons

Because of higher density chips, the design of more compact electronic components makes heat dissipation even more difficult. All advanced electrical or electronic devices are facing heat management challenges due to the increased levels of heat generation and the reduction in the surface area for heat rejection or dissipation. So …

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