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Industry 4.0 technologies for Smart and digital Commercial and Naval Shipyards

This form of  manufacturing, called Industry 4.0 is a collection of technologies and concepts for defining and operating ‘Smart Factories’, where the machinery of manufacturing – machine tools, the sensors monitoring them and such like – can communicate with each other, with the systems overseeing the factory and the people …

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Safety Analysis tools Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Fault tree Analysis (FTA) avoid potential error, failure, or defect in mission-critical or safety-critical systems

The design, acquisition, and operation of products and systems intended for defense applications must understandably meet some of the strictest reliability standards of any industry or sector. When it comes to a mission-critical apparatus, failure of any type can lead to unacceptable and devastating consequences. For this reason, the Department …

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Magnesium Alloys in Military Applications

Magnesium alloys are mixtures of magnesium (the lightest structural metal) with other metals called an alloy. Magnesium alloys are well-known for being the lightest structural alloys. They are made of magnesium, the lightest structural metal, mixed with other metal elements to improve the physical properties. These elements include manganese, aluminum, …

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US DOD’s DIU accelerating DOD adoption of commercial technologies, transformation of military capacity and capability and strengthen the national security innovation base

Historically and during the cold war military technology programs drove many commercial successes like Nuclear power, GPS, Internet, Computers, Jet Engines, semiconductor and integrated circuits, and these were driven by Department of Defense’s comprehensive and well-resourced investment plans.   The internet grew out of a military research project.  Global Positioning System …

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Large growth in hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) driven by environment friendly transportation and military applications

Since the creation of the first modern automobile nearly a century and a half ago, there has been one dominant engine option on the market, the gasoline internal combustion engine. Recently though, because of increasing fuel economy standards and emission awareness, a new breed of engines is emerging. Many of …

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Agile Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

A project portfolio is a collection of projects, programs and processes that are managed together and optimized for the financial and strategic goals of an organization. A portfolio can be managed at either the functional or the organizational level. Unlike a project, which has a defined end goal or deliverable, a …

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Electronics product manufacturing and EVT, DVT & PVT engineering validation processes

The Consumer Electronics manufacturing industry is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of electronic items, including televisions, telephones, video cameras, alarm clocks, stereo items, MP3s, VCRs, and DVD players Consumer Electronics Manufacturing outlets today are characterized by high-quality consumer goods. For example, manufacturers have improved the quality of audio devices …

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DFM/DFA/DFx optimize product development and Manufacturing

The last few decades have brought several new challenges for manufacturing companies. Technology and improvements in transportation of goods has enabled companies to source parts globally. This has also resulted in more manufacturers having entered the market place.   Competition for business is fierce. Manufacturing companies in the developing world …

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Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Product Lifecycle Management offerings have helped companies manage their product lifecycles for decades, reducing costs, improving quality, and making customers happy. Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM) is applying such processes in the semiconductor industry for the manufacture of silicon chips.   Semiconductor development is currently in one of its periodic crises, …

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