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Optical Metamaterials enter commercial phase enabling super-resolution imaging to cloaking

Metamaterials are artificially structured materials designed to control and manipulate physical phenomena such as light and other electromagnetic waves, sound waves and seismic waves in unconventional ways, resulting in exotic behavior that’s not found in nature. This class of micro- and nano-structured artificial media are predicted to be able to protect …

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Contract Management of commercial and Government agencies

When two companies wish to do business with each other, a contract specifies the activities entered into by both organizations and the terms through which they will each fulfill their parts of the agreement. Contracts affect business profitability in a very large way due to the emphasis on revenue and …

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for Defense and Aerospace

The term enterprise can be defined as describing an organizational unit, organization, or collection of organizations that share a set of common goals and collaborate to provide specific products or services to customers. In that sense, the term enterprise covers various types of organizations, regardless of their size, ownership model, operational …

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DNA printing and Artificial gene synthesis

Artificial gene synthesis, or gene synthesis, refers to a group of methods that are used in synthetic biology to construct and assemble genes from nucleotides de novo. Unlike DNA synthesis in living cells, artificial gene synthesis does not require template DNA, allowing virtually any DNA sequence to be synthesized in …

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Transfer of Technology (ToT) best practices and tools.

Technology transfer, or Tech Transfer a.k.a. transfer of technology (ToT), is a process in which technology or knowledge developed at one organization is transferred to another, typically for the purpose of commercialization.   Through this process, a donor site (either a product’s sponsor or a manufacturing site) transmits proprietary knowledge …

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Technical risk management

All organizations face uncertainty. The effect this uncertainty has on an organization’s objectives is referred to as “risk.” The challenge for management is to determine how much uncertainty or risk to accept and how to manage it to an acceptable level.   Risk management includes the strategies, processes, systems, and …

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Synthetic biology, the biggest innovation of the 21st century, widely applied in medical, energy, chemical, environmental, agriculture, and military

It is anticipated that the world will face increased competition for limited and finite natural resources given a growing population, increasing pressure on our food and health systems, and climate change and associated environmental degradation decimating our primary production systems.   Synthetic biology  is defined as the application of science, …

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Nanosatellite and Microsatellite Market growth and trends

Nanosatellite and microsatellite refer to miniaturized satellites in terms of size and weight, in the range of 1-10 Kg and 10-100 kg, respectively. ‘CubeSat’ is one of the most popular types of miniaturized satellites. These are the fastest growing segments in the satellite industry. One of the major advantages of nano …

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Microsatellite and Nanosatellite constellations growth spurred by Space Internet, Navigation, Remote sensing and Security

Nanosatellite and microsatellite refer to miniaturized satellites in terms of size and weight.  Microsatellites are artificial satellites, with a mass of 11–100 kg (including fuel mass) while nanosatellites are artificial satellites weighing between 1 and 10 kg, and measuring around 30 cm × 10 cm × 10 cm. ‘CubeSat’ is …

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