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Large growth in hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) driven by environment friendly transportation and military applications

Since the creation of the first modern automobile nearly a century and a half ago, there has been one dominant engine option on the market, the gasoline internal combustion engine. Recently though, because of increasing fuel economy standards and emission awareness, a new breed of engines is emerging. Many of …

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Global air pollution threat requires IoT-based Air quality monitoring solutions

Atmospheric conditions continue to deteriorate each year due to the growth of civilization and increasing unclean emissions from industries and automobiles. Although air is an indispensable resource for life, many people are indifferent to the severity of air pollution or have only recently recognized the problem.   According to the …

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New processes Implementation and improvements

A process can be defined as a sequence of steps that produce the desired outcome. Defined and documented processes also ensure consistent outcomes. Logbooks are completed the same way, no matter who makes the entry. Invoices are processed correctly and completely, regardless of who handles them. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort …

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Fighting terrorists on Social media using Artificial Intelliegence  and data analytics to cross-platform and transnational cooperation

Terrorist groups  hve been increasingly using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to further their goals and spread their message, because of its convenience, affordability and broad reach of social media.   In a study by Gabriel Weimann from the University of Haifa, found that, terror groups use …

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DARPA MINT developing long-lasting and high-performance solid-state batteries that power everything in US DOD

Persistent battery power and anti-corrosion coatings are key to sustaining military operations. Batteries power everything from tactical radios and handheld devices to unmanned systems. Protective coatings shield flight surfaces, rotor blades, and ship hulls from corrosion caused by humidity, sand, and saltwater. A challenge to creating more persistent batteries and …

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USSOCOM Special Operations Forces technology requirements to support counterterrorism, crisis response to high-end conflicts

Special operations (S.O.) are military, law enforcement or intelligence operations that are “special” or unconventional and carried out by dedicated special forces and other special operations forces units using unconventional methods and resources. Special operations may be performed independently, or in conjunction with conventional military operations. The primary goal is …

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Russia Electronic Warfare edge with wide range of offensive and defensive Airborne, UAV and ground based battle hardened electronic warfare system

Electronic warfare often deals with degrading the enemy’s sensors including radar, navigation and guidance systems, communications, electro-optics and weapons systems among others.  It is used against artillery, fighter jets, cruise missiles, drones and more. This can involve jamming a smart missile so that it shoots off in the wrong direction, …

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DARPA Ouija employing very low- Earth orbit (VLEO) satellite sensors to predict military high-frequency (HF) radio communications

Whether in the field of battle, search-and-rescue or humanitarian aid efforts, the ability to share real-time, networked information between ground, sea and airborne forces is rapidly becoming the defining factor in a mission’s success. However modern  satellite and other  communications systems in higher frequecies are under constant threat from adversaries …

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US Military, the world’s largest polluter is implementing energy security strategy reducing future resource risk and increasing mission assurance

In the domain of defense, energy has the potential to be both an enabler of hard power but also, via denial, arguably itself to be a weapon of war. Energy enables nearly everything the military does, and the primary objective is mission assurance and decisive advantage on the battlefield.  Energy security …

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