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Electric Propulsion based on Iodine Fuel will enable Moon and other near Earth objects missions to deorbiting, rendezvous, and satellite maintenance mission

Propulsion systems can be classified based on their dependence on the onboard power: electric and non-electric systems. Electric propulsion systems are mainly classified into resistojet, electrospray, ion, Hall and pulsed plasma systems, and they actively require on-board power for their operation, while the non-electric propulsion systems can be classified into …

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Attosecond lasers

The laser has revolutionized many areas of science and society, providing bright and versatile light sources that transform the ways we investigate science and enables trillions of dollars of commerce. In manufacturing, for example, robotic lasers have been programmable in a way that mechanical cutting tools had not been, with …

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Silicon Waveguides critical element of silicon photonics in communications, interconnects, and biosensors

Silicon photonics uses photons to detect processes and transmit information more efficiently than electrical signals, and yet have low manufacturing costs as a result of using conventional silicon-integrated-circuit processes. The same processes have made transistors, microchips, and integrated circuits from silicon to be small, affordable, and energy-efficient devices that could …

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Materials for nonlinear integrated photonics

Nonlinear optics (NLO) is the branch of optics that describes the behavior of light in nonlinear media, that is, media in which the dielectric polarization P responds nonlinearly to the electric field E of the light. The nonlinearity is typically observed only at very high light intensities (values of the …

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Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL& VECSEL) arrays enable data communication to lidar and military infrared imaging

The illumination source employs different technologies, ranging from lamps to semiconductor light emitting diodes (LEDs) or lasers. The lamp, while straight-forward, is broad-band, bulky, and generally inefficient.   The main wavelengths of interest for illumination are around 808nm, 976m, 1064nm, and 1550nm. The 808nm region offers the best responsivity for …

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Europe and US launch Quantum testbeds and Quantum loop to catchup China in Quantum Communications Race

The race to conquer the quantum domain is among the most fiercely competitive in today’s world of technology. One important quantum technology is Quantum key distribution (QKD), that establishes highly secure keys between distant parties by using single photons to transmit each bit of the key.   Quantum cryptography is unbreakable …

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DARPA SDCPS & JARVIS developing AI assisted design of Military Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber physical systems (CPS) are instrumental to current and future Department of Defense (DoD) mission needs – unmanned vehicles, weapon systems, and mission platforms are all examples of military-relevant CPS. These systems and platforms integrate cyber and physical subsystems, and the enormous complexity of the resulting CPS has made their …

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DOD developing hardened Military GPS receivers or User Equipment (MGUE) to mitigate the threat of GPS Jamming and Navigation Warfare

Systems like GPS, Russia’s GLONASS, China’s BeiDou, and Europe’s Galileo systems  are  Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS) that provides real-time positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) data. The worldwide Global Positioning System (GPS), created in the late 1980s, has evolved to become an essential part of life for nearly every person on …

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DARPA SBIR for 3D printing of safe and edible food products converted from waste

With nutritional status being central to success in battle, food technology has long been considered an enabler for military operations. Food technology has been instrumental in ensuring that troops remain “fit to fight”.   3D printing technology for food continues to advance. The 3D printing technology will be fundamental to …

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Space synthetic biology emerging as key technology for Space Exploration and deep space manned missions

We are currently entering a new era of Space exploration, with humans preparing to travel further from the Earth than ever before. The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Artemis program, in collaboration with the European, Canadian, and Japanese space agencies, proposes to build an orbiting lunar Space station …

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