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Microsatellite and Nanosatellite constellations growth spurred by Space Internet, Navigation, Remote sensing and Security

Nanosatellite and microsatellite refer to miniaturized satellites in terms of size and weight.  Microsatellites are artificial satellites, with a mass of 11–100 kg (including fuel mass) while nanosatellites are artificial satellites weighing between 1 and 10 kg, and measuring around 30 cm × 10 cm × 10 cm. ‘CubeSat’ is …

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Inverse design in photonics

The design of digital circuits is currently dominated by hardware description languages such as Verilog and VHDL. This automation of circuit design has enabled the development of modern computer processors with billions of transistors.   Integrated photonic devices, on the other hand, are still designed by hand. A designer first picks …

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Requirement of Lunar weapons as global space race among countries to build Moon bases

There is global  space race among countries  to build Moon bases, harness it’s mineral resources and helium-3, fuel for future nuclear fusion power plants. Space agencies in China, Japan, Europe, Russia, Iran , Canada and a few private companies all hope to send people to the moon by as early …

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D-Wave’s 5000 qubit Analog quantum processor handles 1 million variables for large-scale, business-critical problems, now plans gate-based quantum computing

D-Wave is the only company selling  large quantum computers. It sold its first system in 2011 . The earlier  D-Wave 2X™ quantum computing system featured a 1000+ qubit quantum processor and numerous design improvements that resulted  in larger problem sizes, faster performance and higher precision. “Breaking the 1000 qubit barrier marks the …

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Global Fiber Optic Cable Market

Fiber optics, or optical fibers, are long, thin strands of carefully drawn glass about the diameter of a human hair. These strands are arranged in bundles called optical cables. We rely on them to transmit light signals over long distances.   Optical fibers typically include a glass structure called core …

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Speech recognition and Speech translation technologies driving AI Chatbots and intelligent agents for global businesses, disaster relief and military operations

Speech Translation is the process by which conversational spoken phrases are instantly translated and spoken aloud in a second language. A speech translation system would typically integrate the following three software technologies: automatic speech recognition (ASR), machine translation (MT) and voice synthesis (TTS). Fast, accurate speech-to-speech translation can globalize the free …

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DARPA CCU developing AI enabled automated cultural interpreters and dialogue assistants

The Department of Defense (DoD) is one of many government agencies that operates globally and is in constant contact with diverse cultures. Communicative understanding, not simply of local languages but also of social customs and cultural backgrounds, lies at the heart of Civil Affairs and Military Information Support Operations activities. …

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Quantum cryptography (QC) or Quantum key distribution (QKD) are assumed hackproof but its implementations have vulnerabilities

Quantum computers could undermine almost all of the encryption protocols that we use today. Though quantum computers are still quite some way from being practical, usable machines, once they become so, we could be looking at a whole new world when it comes to online privacy — one in which …

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AI enabled Intelligent Satellite Networks

Satellite communication can provide many benefits and complement terrestrial networks. They can provide service continuity, to provide network access over uncovered and under-covered areas. They can provide backup or service ubiquity, to ameliorate the network availability in cases of temporary outage or destruction of a ground network due to disasters. …

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Dynamic metasurfaces including Liquid crystal metasurfaces allow tuning of metasurface functionality also after fabrication.

Metamaterials are artificially structured materials designed to control and manipulate physical phenomena such as light and other electromagnetic waves, sound waves and seismic waves in unconventional ways, resulting in exotic behavior that’s not found in nature. This class of micro- and nano-structured artificial media are predicted to be able to protect …

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