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US, Japan and China leaders in steady high magnetic field facility enabling development of next generation of structural and functional materials for energy and military applications

New materials are critical enabling technology for future products that are  smaller, faster, smarter and stronger. Researchers at the MagLab and other high magnetic filed facilities use  high-powered magnets to help discover, explore and understand materials. These materials then become the building blocks of new products. High magnetic fields are …

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Military Trainer Aircraft

A trainer is a class of aircraft designed specifically to facilitate flight training of pilots and aircrews. The use of a dedicated trainer aircraft with additional safety features—such as tandem flight controls, forgiving flight characteristics and a simplified cockpit arrangement—allows pilots-in-training to safely advance their real-time piloting, navigation and warfighting …

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US Navy developing next generation laser weapons for defending warships from ballistic and cruise missiles to Hypersonic Missiles

Navy ships face an increasing number of threats in conducting their missions, including UAVs, armed small boats, and adversary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. The US Navy is concerned about the survivability of Navy surface ships in potential combat situations against adversaries, such as China, that are armed with large numbers …

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