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Datacenter-on-chip technology that compacts a huge data center on single chip will play big role in Big Data analytics for US Army

The technology industry is entering a new era of computing that requires IT systems and cloud computing services to process and analyze huge volumes of Big Data in real time. Current Data centers (DC) and high performance computing clusters are dominated by power, thermal, and area constraints.   Data centers …

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Russian Physicists’ Research Might Lead to a New Generation of Microprocessors, microminiature nanolaser, and long-range space communication systems

REEs are a series of chemical elements found in the Earth’s crust that are essential components of many technologies, including electronics, computer and communication systems, transportation, health care, and national defense. Rare Earths Elements (REE) are incorporated into many sophisticated technologies with both commercial and defense applications including smartphones and …

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3D printing of Nanofibers has enabled power dense batteries, military wearables, chemical and biological defence

A nanofiber is a fiber with a diameter of 100 nanometers or less. The nanofibers due to some special properties  are being investigated for a myriad of potential applications in the fields of medicine, electronics and other material sciences. Such fibers have a high ratio of surface area to volume. …

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New Precision Guided Missiles and Munitions for Urban Warfare and in A2/AD Environment

Cities have become the new battleground and Hybrid or Urban Warfare the greatest threat being waged by ISIS to Boko Haram to Hamas to  Ukraine rebels.Urban warfare is the only way the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria will be defeated. Boko Haram is carrying out its urban terror …

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Military developing sound endpoint management strategies to deal with rising cyber-attacks and data breaches, and increasingly mobile workforce

With the rise of cyber-attacks and data breaches, and today’s increasingly mobile workforce, securely managing data and endpoints without inhibiting employee productivity has become critical to organizations including military. Many devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops now have network access capabilities however these devices also provide an entry point …

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US, EU and China launch brain initiatives for prevention of brain diseases that will affect 20 percent of the global diseases by 2020

By 2020, brain diseases will account for 20 percent of the global burden of disease, according to the World Health Organization. Military service members are particularly susceptible to PTSD as a reaction to the traumas of war. PTSD is a condition in which individuals feel anxiety and panic when reminded …

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USAF developing Integrated and Networked Multidomain capability and capacity for Air Superiority in Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) environment

In modern military operations, achieving air superiority is a critical precondition for success. Air superiority provides freedom from attack, freedom to attack, freedom of action, freedom of access, and freedom of awareness. Importantly, it also precludes adversaries from exploiting similar advantage. However, Air superiority is only needed for the time …

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US DOD developing Ultra-Endurance UAS that flies nonstop for a week or more at a time for supporting counter-terrorist missions

Unmanned air vehicles play an important role in todays military operations. They are invaluable in locating time critical targets, reporting enemy positions and movements to battlefield commanders, and destroying tactical targets. One important aspect of these operations is the ability to provide persistence in monitoring an area of interest.   …

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Cambridge Pixel’s multi-sensor surveillance system is useful for naval, air traffic control,commercial shipping, security, surveillance and airborne radar applications.

Countering the growing threat posed by terrorists, smugglers, pirates, and political activists at military air and naval bases, airports, and ports requires sophisticated multisensor surveillance systems to ensure that incursions are rapidly detected and actioned.   Cambridge Pixel , a UK based developer of radar display and tracking subsystems, has …

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Singapore plans to become leader in defence technology, provides thrust to Defence Science and Technology Agency and the DSO National Laboratories

The defence technology community in Singapore comprises the Defence Science and Technology Agency, the DSO National Laboratories and departments in the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) that are responsible for acquiring, developing and sustaining defence capabilities.   Singapore’s defence technology community recently gave the public a glimpse into its work in …

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