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Metallic glass , the next disruptive material for Future Space and Military applications, coming of Age

Metallic glasses are new type of glass that are  extremely strong, hard, and resistant to wear and corrosion, all of which make them good potential candidates for engineering uses, including electronics casings, and medical uses such as surgical pins and stents. Metallic glass can withstand heavy impacts without deforming – even when …

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US Army lays out technical strategy, S&T Campaigns and implementation plans for future land dominance

The United States Army of 2030 will operate in a highly non-linear and complex operational environment, will likely be dominated by decreasing domestic budgets and reduced force structure; increased velocity and momentum of human interaction and events; potential for adversarial capability overmatch; proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; spread of …

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DARPA’s MUSE and PLINY used deep learning and analytics to automatically find software vulnerabilites of military and mission critical systems

As computing devices become more pervasive, the software systems that control them have become increasingly more complex and sophisticated. Consequently, despite the tremendous resources devoted to making software more robust and resilient, ensuring that programs are correct—especially at scale—remains a difficult and challenging endeavor. Unfortunately, uncaught errors triggered during program …

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DARPA plans city wide network of tethered platforms and long-endurance UASs to track every terrorist drone

Cities have become the new battleground and Hybrid or Urban Warfare the greatest threat being waged by ISIS to Boko Haram to Hamas to  Ukraine rebels.  One of the biggest emerging threat in cities is growth and proliferation of UAVs or drones. In a written statement, Baroness Anelay of St Johns said: …

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