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Future Robots to automatically identify terrorists in real time through Intelligent Video Surveillance

The surveillance for security operations is normally performed by humans, which provide visual intelligence. However, this can be dull and dangerous, especially for security operations. In the future machines or robots might be able to automatically recognize “suspicious behavior” or identify and interpret the acts of a potential terrorist. However, …

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More than 700 pilgrims killed in Saudi Hajj stampede, how large is Technology’s role

Two giant waves of Muslim pilgrims collided at an intersection on 24th Sep 2015 near a holy site in Saudi Arabia, and more than 717 people were crushed and trampled to death in the worst disaster at the hajj in a quarter-century. Arabia’s civil defence directorate said, at least 863 …

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British scientists brainstorm what a warship might look like or be equipped with in 2050: Dreadnought 2050

UK is an island nation, most of the UK’s connections to the wider world are provided by sea with and over 90% of its trade is carried by ship. UK maritime sector accounts for over 2% of the entire economy and supports one in every 50 jobs. The UK’s first ever …

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NASA & Arx Pax to jointly develop Hover devices to control formation flight of Nano Satellites

In late 2014, the Internet was all abuzz over a video that purported to show a working hoverboard called Hendo hoverboard, sailing over a copper track—rider attached. Exploiting Arx Pax’s Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology, the Hendo hoverboard uses electromagnetic energy—with two downward-firing disc-shaped “hover engines” creating an opposing magnetic …

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