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First ever biological amplifier created by Imperial scientists, can assist in rapid detection of Bioterrorism

Scientists from Imperial College London have created a biological amplifier, similar to inbuilt amplifiers in cells of our own bodies, that first detect and then boost biological signals, which are crucial for survival and reproduction.

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Australian scientists discover new nano-material that can speed up electronics

Scientists at the CSIRO and RMIT University have discovered a new two-dimensional nano-material that could pave the way for the creation of even smaller computing devices that offer big improvements in processing speed.

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US army awards USD$26.1 million contract to develop improved Husky Mine Detection Systems (HMDS)

Minelab Electronics, a company renowned for its metal detectors, and an American company NIITEK that makes ground penetrating radar, have partnered together to win a contract to produce a mine sweeping system for US military in two years.  

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