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China starts building Global Quantum based Internet Infrastructure for its trade and Military


China has launched the world’s longest quantum-communications network, which includes a 2,000-kilometre link between Beijing and Shanghai that is meant to safely transmit sensitive information. The line is the world’s first trunk line of secure quantum telecommunications. The Jing-Hu (Beijing-Shanghai) Trunk Line connects Beijing, Jinan, Hefei and Shanghai. The line is connected …

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Quantum Biometrics that Exploits the Human Eye’s Ability to Detect Single Photons, may be solution to military and security requirement of hackproof Biometrics


Biometric verification is any means by which a person can be uniquely identified by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits. Unique identifiers include fingerprints, hand geometry, earlobe geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice waves, DNA, and signatures. A record of a person’s unique characteristic is captured and kept in …

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Intel and Australian teams realising vision of “Silicon core of Quantum Revolution after Microelectronics” with Government investment


A working quantum computer has the potential to transform the information economy and create the industries of the future, solving in hours or minutes problems that would take conventional computers – even supercomputers – centuries, and tackling otherwise intractable problems that even supercomputers could not solve. Applications include for software …

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Sucess of ultra secure, underwater Quantum Communications for submarines and Underwater Unmanned Vehicles will pave the way for global secured quantum network


Recent years, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)  based on photons has made great progress both in theoretical and experimental researches. The technology for QKD through optical fibers is already in use in various places and researchers have demonstrated quantum key distribution through free space over distances of up to 144 km. …

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Quantum Machine Learning promise exponential speedup of internet search, fraud detection, gaming, face detection, image tagging and brain mapping


Quantum computing and quantum information processing is expected to have immense impact by performing tasks too hard for even the most powerful conventional supercomputer and have a host of specific applications, from code-breaking and cyber security to medical diagnostics, big data analysis and logistics. Quantum computers could accelerate the discovery …

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World’s first Quantum satellite launched by China will enable it to build global unhackable ground and space network infrastructure


China’s quantum satellite has produced its first successful result. In a paper published  in Science, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the satellite had successfully distributed entangled photons between three different terrestrial base stations, separated by as much as 1,200 kilometers on the ground. The result is the …

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