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Quantum Machine Learning promise exponential speedup of internet search, fraud detection, gaming, face detection, image tagging and brain mapping


Quantum computing and quantum information processing is expected to have immense impact by performing tasks too hard for even the most powerful conventional supercomputer and have a host of specific applications, from code-breaking and cyber security to medical diagnostics, big data analysis and logistics. Quantum computers could accelerate the discovery …

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World’s first Quantum satellite launched by China will enable it to build global unhackable ground and space network infrastructure


China’s quantum satellite has produced its first successful result. In a paper published  in Science, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the satellite had successfully distributed entangled photons between three different terrestrial base stations, separated by as much as 1,200 kilometers on the ground. The result is the …

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Quantum algorithms and Open-source software tools enabling developers to build applications for quantum computers in AI, machine learning, big data science, and optimisation


D-Wave Systems Inc.,  has released an open-source, quantum software tool as part of its strategic initiative to build and foster a quantum software development ecosystem. The new tool, qbsolv, enables developers to build higher-level tools and applications leveraging the quantum computing power of systems provided by D-Wave, without the need …

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NASA and Google launch programs to explore the massive potential of new 2000 qubit quantum processor launched by D-Wave which is 1000X faster


Canadian firm D-Wave has released  the new quantum computer that will be able to handle some 2,000 quantum bits (qubits), roughly double the usable number found in the processor in the existing D-Wave 2X system, and be capable of solving certain problems 1,000x faster than its predecessor. D-Wave is the only company …

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Quantum Gravity Sensors been developed for oil, gas and mineral exploration and locating underground military targets


A new Quantum Gravimeter has been developed by University of Birmingham  that could allow to survey underground structures in minutes rather than weeks. This portable gravity sensing system uses cold atom quantum technology and two gravimeters coupled together for the first time to allow for higher sensitivity and reliability when …

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On Demand Single photon sources being developed for optical quantum information processing and quantum key distribution


On-demand single-photon sources are of high interest because of their promising applications in quantum communication, quantum informatics, sensing and other fields.  Single-photon sources (SPSs) and single-photon detectors (SPDs) are key devices for enabling practical quantum key distributions (QKDs).  Quantum Key Distribution, or QKD, enables two remote parties, “Alice” and “Bob”, …

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Researchers creating new records in distance and data rate of Quantum cryptography systems for building practical National Quantum Networks


China has launched a quantum communication line 712 kilometers in length that is meant to safely transmit sensitive information. It is expected to be extended to 2,000 kilometers soon. The line connecting Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, and Shanghai, a coastal trade hub, has 11 trusted nodes along its length, …

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