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Military Satellite Communication Goal is  mobile and connected military anywhere in the world with high-speed, high-bandwidth and secure connectivity and through handheld terminals


Honeywell has announced that it will offer high-speed, high-bandwidth satellite communications capabilities for military use. Inmarsat’s Global Xpress “SATCOM as a Service” in-flight broadband service and Honeywell’s JetWave™ satellite communications hardware work together to provide a consistent, high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity experience for military users around the world, improving overall situational …

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US patents Quantum Entanglement based techniques for detection of stealthy Russian and Chinese submarines even under arctic


The US Government has now tuned to Quantum sensors to detect stealthy Russian and Chinese submarines. Quantum sensors are measuring device that takes advantage of quantum correlations, such as states in a quantum superposition or entanglement, for better sensitivity and resolution than can be obtained by classical systems. Quantum sensors …

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Extreme Environments like Hypersonic flight , Planetary exploration and Military Systems require development of new electronic components and materials


“Electronics have dramatically changed the way we live, conduct business, communicate, and educate. Visions of the future foretell of ubiquitous computing and sensing. However, the environments in which electronics can reliably operate are limited. In consumer applications, typical operating temperatures range from -40° to 85°C. The “wider” military temperature range …

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Development of Next generation Infrared Focal Plane Arrays improving Military’s Night Fighting Capability


Infrared technology is critical for military and security applications, as well as increasingly being used in many commercial products such as medical diagnostics, drivers’ enhanced vision, machine vision and a multitude of other applications, including consumer products. They are used for thermal efficiency analysis, environmental monitoring, industrial facility inspections, remote …

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New class of Electronics: Biodegradable, Reconfigurable, Transient, Self Destructing for Security and Biomedical applications


While traditional electronic devices are non-renewable, non-biodegradable, partly toxic, non bio-compatible, fixed in form and function, Researchers are now designing a new class of electronics, called Transient electronics enabled by new materials, with the key attribute being the ability to physically dissolve into the surrounding environment at a well-controlled rate, …

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Global Race to develop ultra-secure Quantum networks for financial, government and Military


Today much of modern society depends on cryptography to provide security services including confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. However current cryptographic algorithms are vulnerable to progress of computing technology, development of new mathematical algorithms and progress in quantum computing technology which could break many commonly-used asymmetric cryptographic algorithms in seconds. …

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US Navy and DARPA to develop Cryogenic Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) systems for future Electronic Warfare


Cryogenic electronics have been used for increasing the speed of supercomputers, enhancing the signal-to-noise of Microwave and millimeter-wave receivers used in radio astronomy and deep-space communication by NASA, preamplifiers for cell-phone base stations and nuclear magnetic resonance receivers for higher sensitivity and faster data acquisition, gravity-wave receivers, for better signal-to-noise. …

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Visible light Communications or LiFi for, Internet of Things, Vehicular networks, Machine-to-Machine communication, 5G mobile and Underwater networks

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It is predicted that LEDs will be the ultimate light source in the near future powering indoor illumination, outdoor lamps, traffic signs, advertising displays, car headlights/taillights, etc. Li-Fi, or light fidelity, promises to double their utility of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) by using their light as a medium to deliver networked, …

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