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DARPA calls for innovative research concepts and Breakthrough Technologies for National Security Vision 2045

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DARPA has identified some of the technical, economic and geopolitical shifts that are posing potential threats to U.S. preeminence and stability. On the technical front is increasing availability on the global market the weapons technology, biological and chemical threat capabilities, advanced microelectronics and cyber- and space-related technologies, the capability of social …

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Australian Defence aims to boost innovation through Defence Innovation Hub, Next Generation Technology Fund (NGTF) and Capability and Technology Demonstrator program


Australian Defence has launched a number of initiatives to boost innovation in defence sector.  It has launched  Defence Innovation Hub, focused on late-stage technology development, and the Next Generation Technology Fund (NGTF), focused on defence-related research. The Defence Innovation Hub, managed by the Defence Industry Policy Division, has responsibilities for facilitating …

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QR analysis can improve the Quality of requirements and address Gaps in Formulation of Indian Army’s General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQRs)


Requirements development is paramount to successful acquisition outcomes. Properly developed requirements enhance competition, ensure sound business strategies, provide the basis for realistic Government estimates, mitigate requirements creep, and help enable the Department meet critical acquisition timelines. The formulation of the GSQR is one of the initial processes of any new …

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US DOD developing Fuel Cells to power Soldier wearables to Military Vehicles and Submarines to Military Bases


A fuel cell is a device that generates electricity by a chemical reaction. It converts hydrogen and oxygen into water, and in the process also creates electricity. Fuel cells provide many advantages, they are environment friendly as they don’t produce pollutants or greenhouse gasses, significantly improving our environment, high energy efficiency ( …

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US DOD Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) based risk assessment methodology stress on System Prototype Demonstrations in Major Defense Acquisition Programs


Federal agencies spend billions of dollars each year to develop, acquire, and build major systems, facilities, and equipment, including fighter aircraft, nuclear waste treatment facilities, electronic baggage screening equipment, and telescopes for exploring the universe. Managing these complex acquisitions has been a long-standing challenge for federal agencies.Many of the government’s most costly and complex acquisition …

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India gradually improving its innovation and competitiveness to move closer to other top-ranked innovation economies


NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant launched “India Innovation Index”, the nation’s first online innovation index portal which will rank states based on their innovations. Inaugurating the portal, he said that it will be a “first-of-its-kind online platform” where Global Innovation Index (GII) indicators and India-centric data from various states will …

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Countries promote military civil integration and investing in “Dual use technologies” to foster Military innovation


Historically and during the cold war military technology programs drove many commercial successes like Nuclear power, GPS, Internet, Computers, Jet Engines, semiconductor and integrated circuits, and these were driven by Department of Defense’s comprehensive and well-resourced investment plans.   The internet grew out of a military research project.  Global Positioning System …

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