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Cisco Annual Security Report proposes Integrated Threat Defense Architecture to combat challenging cybersecurity landscape

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“Our just-released 2016 Cisco Annual Security Report (ASR) presents a challenging cybersecurity landscape: cyber defense teams are fighting to keep up with rapid global digitization while trying to integrate dozens of vendor solutions, speed up detection, and educate their organizations from top to bottom. Meanwhile attackers grow more bold, flexible, …

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DARPA’s Edge-CT program to protect Military WANs from Cyber Attacks and Network Errors on the Fly

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The United States military is heavily dependent on networked communication to fulfill its missions. The wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure that supports this communication is vulnerable to a wide range of failures and cyber attacks that can severely impair connectivity and mission effectiveness at critical junctures. Examples include inadvertent or malicious …

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The tensions between Western and Russian Governments are resulting in intensified cyber warfare activities


The Moscow’s seizure of the Crimea Peninsula, perceived Russian military support of separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, Western retaliation by imposing sanctions on Russian interests has resulted in heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow, with their relations reaching at their lowest point since decades. The recent reports also cite intensified …

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