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Militaries developing Integrated commands for Joint Cyber, Space, EW, Signals intelligence and Communications operations and technologies for future battlefield


A simulated tank assault was deterred using cyber weapons and electronic warfare technology during a training exercise, according to Defense Systems. Trainers stopped a simulated assault by targeting the tank crew’s radio and communication systems during the exercise at the Army’s National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California. “These tanks had …

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Defeating complex, sophisticated and stealthy long-term cyber security threats (APT) needs Transparent Computing, says DARPA


An advanced persistent threat (APT) refer to complex, sophisticated and stealthy techniques of using software, hardware or social engineering tools to continuously monitor and extract data from targets such as organizations and/or nations for business or political motives. One of the examples can be the Stuxnet computer worm, which targeted …

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Blockchain, the virtual currencies technology, creating tamper-proof military computer systems defeating stealthy APT threats and secure messaging


Blockchain is a transformative technology for the two billion people in the world currently underserved by financial institutions. The technology has the potential to enhance privacy, security and freedom of conveyance of data. Blockchain is based on open, global infrastructure, decentralized public ledger of transactions that no one person or …

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New cyber security technologies Dispersing data packets over Multiple Network Paths and Continuously Scrambling Code


“United States adversaries are launching increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks on the complicated web of networked systems upon which our military relies,” explained Robert W. Twitchell, Jr., President and CEO of Dispersive Technologies. “These attacks impair connectivity, degrade mission effectiveness and threaten lives. “While the means of cyber attacks vary, the pattern …

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DARPA plans for Revolutionary approaches for Real-Time Defense against DDoS attacks on Military Networks


As the name suggests, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are designed to deny legitimate users access to websites and services by overwhelming them with illegitimate connections, requests and traffic.  A distributed denial-of-service attack is when the DoS attacks are being done by multiple attackers all trying to attack a source at once, be it from …

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The cyber attacks on power grids can have devastating economic and human impact, DARPA developing technologies from detecting, responding and recovering from cyberattacks


The starting point in serious cyber warfare may well be to trip the power stations which power the data centres involved with the core routing elements of the network. DDoS attack on the national grid could make it easier for hackers to neutralize the backup power and trip the system. …

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UK implementing its Cyber Security Strategy emphasizes Defence , Deterrence and Cyber technology development


Chancellor Philip Hammond has launched UK government’s new five-year National Cyber Security Strategy in a bid to become one of the “safest places in the world to do business.”According to the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Risks Report, cyber-security is recognised as one of the greatest threats to business worldwide, and the global …

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