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Strengthening India’s Army Design Bureau: A Catalyst for Defense Self-Reliance

Introduction: The Army Design Bureau (ADB), established in August 2016, serves as a pivotal interface between the Indian Army, industry, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), and academia. Its primary mission is to provide the Indian Army with cutting-edge technological solutions while fostering self-reliance in defense production. The ADB …

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Unlocking the Quantum Revolution: Quantum Computing’s Impact Across Industries

In today’s rapidly advancing world of technology, we find ourselves in the midst of a “quantum race” – a race toward harnessing the incredible power of quantum computing. Governments worldwide, including the UK, US, China, Japan, and the European Commission, have invested tens of billions of dollars over the last …

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On-Demand Space-Based Solar Power: The New Strategic Race

Introduction In a world marked by escalating energy demands and an urgent need for sustainable power sources to combat climate change, the quest for innovative energy technologies has reached new heights. In the quest for sustainable and efficient sources of clean energy, a groundbreaking technology is emerging on the global stage, …

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