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DARPA SeeMe to provide US warfighters on-demand access to timely imagery of their specific overseas location directly from a small satellite

Today, the lowest echelon members of the U.S. military deployed in remote overseas locations are unable to obtain on-demand satellite imagery in a timely and persistent manner for pre-mission planning. This is due to lack of satellite overflight opportunities, inability to receive direct satellite downlinks at the tactical level and …

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Space security cooperation between Canada, U.S., U.K. and Australia , to counter threats

As the space is getting weaponized, countries are evolving new space strategies, space command and forces and space situational awareness and space weapons. There is also ongoing Space security cooperation between Canada, U.S., U.K. and Australia to counter the threats. In 2014, Defence departments of the Canada, U.S., the U.K. and …

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US DOD’s Enhanced Polar System to provide secure, jam-resistant, strategic and tactical communications to military in Arctic Region

US DOD’s Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite (AEHF) is a joint service satellite communications system that provides global, survivable, secure, protected, and jam-resistant communications for high priority military ground, sea, and air assets. The AEHF system provides joint, interoperable, assured connectivity for warfighters in operations in all levels of conflict–a …

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New Technologies enabling Solar Powered Stratospheric drones for Global Internet, 5G wireless and Military Surveillance

Aerospace companies including Facebook, Boeing and Google have been trying for years to create a solar-powered plane that can fly at high altitudes for years at a time, and can provide broadband communication services. They could have many uses, for example acting as a relay station for communications in emergencies such …

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DARPA seeks autonomous technologies for disaggregated Space architecture for space security

The space is increasing becoming another domain of conflict due to enhanced militarization along with proliferation of counter space weapons like electronic warfare, anti-satellite weapons, and DEW weapons.   “Our space assets have come under risk, however, due to activities of adversaries to degrade, deny, or disrupt our ability to …

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DARPA develops Testbed to test space warfare strategies integrated with air, cyber, land, and maritime domains

As the space domain has become more congested and militarized  the potential for intentional and unintentional threats to space system assets has increased. To mitigate these threats, the Department of Defense (DOD) has undertaken a variety of initiatives to enhance its network of sensors and systems to provide space situational awareness …

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US Army ‘Kestrel Eye’ Imagery Satellite provides on-demand imagery of any spot on earth to warfighter

U.S. Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command deployed and activated into space on Oct. 24, the Kestrel Eye microsatellite. Kestrel Eye is a 10 kg, 30.5×10.2×10.2 cm, visible-imagery satellite developed by Maryland Aerospace Inc designed to provide near real-time images to the tactical-level ground Soldier.   Capable …

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US DOD developing space surveillance, Rendezvous and Proximity Operations capability in geosynchronous orbit for space deterrence

The most important element of space is geosynchronous orbit, a circular orbit 22,300 miles above the planet where satellites appear to be stationary above the surface of the earth. British science fiction writer, futurist and inventor Arthur C. Clark mathematically determined the orbit in 1947, the general said.   The …

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Antimatter-driven spacecraft prototype could be tested within a decade, says Physicist

Former Fermilab physicist Gerald Jackson has stated, “Antimatter-driven spacecraft prototype could be tested within a decade. To that end, next month, Jackson and his Chicago-based Hbar Technologies firm are launching a $200,000 Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the next phase of its antimatter propulsion research. Matter-antimatter propulsion will be the most …

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NASA & Arx Pax to jointly develop Hover devices to control formation flight of Nano Satellites

In late 2014, the Internet was all abuzz over a video that purported to show a working hoverboard called Hendo hoverboard, sailing over a copper track—rider attached. Exploiting Arx Pax’s Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology, the Hendo hoverboard uses electromagnetic energy—with two downward-firing disc-shaped “hover engines” creating an opposing magnetic …

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