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New sensor protection technologies to mitigate threat of growing laser designators and Directed Energy Weapons

Military forces worldwide are increasingly using lasers for many purposes including, range finding, anti-missile systems, target designation, ranging of guided munitions and the neutralizing of enemy weapon systems. Therefore soldiers and military vehicles like tanks have also become vulnerable to laser attacks. Militaries are also planning to employ laser directed energy weapons …

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Technologies for Disaster prediction, management and response, including search for survivors, and delivering relief care

Disasters are becoming more commonplace and complex, and the challenges for rescue and humanitarian organizations increase. International reinsurer Munich RE has projected that worldwide losses due to 2017’s string of natural disasters will reach $330 billion, with only $135 billion of those costs insured. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria alone, which …

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Growing laser threats to airline pilots, soldiers and military vehicles require new laser protection technologies

Laser attacks targeting pilots and air crews are a major concern across the world with most attacks reported to take place during take-off and landing. According to figures from the US Federal Aviation Authority, there were 6,753 laser illuminations reported in 2017. Until recently, the expense of lasers had limited their use …

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Biological Weapons attack against Agricultural Targets and Agrobioterrorism, a threat to Global Stability and Security

Our food  security  depend on threats to agriculture. The life of a plant that we depend on for food, clean air, and materials are challenged by myriad threats, natural and man-made including Viruses, pests, fungi, herbicides, drought, pollution, salinity, flooding, and frost. These rapid or unexpected emergence of these threats …

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Threat of Nuclear Race between US, Russia, and China, after collapse of INF treaty and their modernization of all three legs of their strategic Triad

On October 20 2018, US President Donald Trump announced he intends to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) – an arms control treaty with Russia that contributed to the end of the Cold War. “In early February 2019, the United States is going to declare [it is] suspending its …

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