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New technology breakthroughs enabling global ultra-secure Quantum networks for financial, government and Military

Quantum key distribution (QKD), establishes highly secure keys between distant parties by using single photons to transmit each bit of the key. A unique aspect of quantum cryptography is that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle ensures that any attempts to intercept and measure quantum transmissions, will introduce an anomalously high error rate …

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UK’s implementing National Strategy of Quantum Technology to become Global Leader in future Quantum industry

The Government Office for Science has said that in the long term, quantum technologies could be comparable in size to the consumer electronics sector, currently worth an estimated £240bn a year globally.   The demand for quantum technologies is being driven by large and significant societal challenges, including the need to build in …

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Open-source software tools and Quantum frameworks enabling developers to build quantum computer applications in AI, machine learning, big data science, and optimisation

Goups including IBM, Google, MIT Lincoln Lab  are at the threshold of producing scalable general purpose quantum computers. The leader of Google’s quantum computing lab, has predicted that he can build chips with about 100 reliable qubits in a couple of years. Its  group has built a nine-qubit machine based …

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World Quantum Computing Race through Quantum technology hubs and Coordination offices

Governments in China, Europe, and North America are devoting multi-billion-dollar programs to quantum technologies, and commercial investment is flowing as well. Leading venture and private equity funds as well as major corporations compete for rapid investments of considerable size.   The quest for quantum computing supremacy is a geopolitical priority …

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Countries plan strategy to dominate exploitation of Quantum technology into defence and security

The quest for quantum computing supremacy is a geopolitical priority for Europe, China, Canada, Australia and the United States. Advantage gained by acquiring the first computer that renders all other computers obsolete would be enormous and bestow economic, military and public health advantages to the winner. Quantum technologies will lead to …

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Quantum engineering established at leading universities world-wide to realize quantum hardware of quantum computers, cryptography and sensors

Traditionally, quantum science has been a domain of fundamental research explored mostly by physicists. But as the field matures, more and more application areas and engineering research challenges emerge.   The exciting possibilities in the field of new quantum technologies extend from quantum computing to precision timing, gravity sensors and …

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synthetic diamond a unique material for quantum sensing

  Research into nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond has exploded in the last decade  due to its well-behaved quantum properties, and the ability to monitor and manipulate the quantum state with a combination of microwave fields and laser light.   A pure diamond consists of carbon atoms arranged in a regular …

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High speed, Single photon source is critical technology for secure communications systems, quantum computers and quantum sensors

Quantum Key Distribution, or QKD, enables two remote parties, “Alice” and “Bob”, who are connected by a passive optical link to securely generate secret key material. Single-photon sources (SPSs) and single-photon detectors (SPDs) are key devices for enabling practical quantum key distributions (QKDs).  Single photon generation is necessary for secure quantum transmission; …

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