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Russia launches World’s first floating Nuclear Reactor, to power military forward operating bases, disputed islands and Arctic

Small modular reactors (SMRs) defined as nuclear reactors generally 300MWe equivalent or less. SMRs have generated global interest, and potential future applications are a subject of international research directives.  Their are around 50 different SMR designs worldwide according to the IAEA.  Project proposals include use of SMRs for desalination, process …

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Software is becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks, CVE identifies common vulnerabilities exploited by state and nonstate actors

In computer security, a vulnerability is a flaw or weakness in a system or network that could be exploited by a threat actor, such as an attacker, to manipulate or cause damage to the system in some way.  To exploit a vulnerability, an attacker must have at least one applicable tool …

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Developing and Implementing a Effective procurement planing and Strategic Sourcing Strategy

Procurement comprises all activities and processes involved in acquiring needed goods and services from external parties. This may include everything from office supplies, furniture, and facilities to heavy equipment, consulting services, and testing and training.   Procurement management follows a logical order. First, you plan what you need to contract; …

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DARPA’s MIDAS developing Digital Phased-Arrays at Millimeter Wave technology for fiber-optic-class 100 Gb/s communications for airborne data links

Expanded mission areas and the implementation of additional data routing resulting from future warfighting capabilities place more demand on data distribution services in the form of higher data bandwidths and reduced latencies. These demands require improvements in Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum utilization and advances in antenna technologies. Digital array antenna …

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5G has new Energy Efficiency Challenges, new technologies for green communications and networking

For more than a century, communication networks have been mainly designed with the aim of optimizing performance metrics such as the data-rate, throughput, latency, etc., in the last decade energy efficiency has emerged as a new prominent figure of merit, due to economic, operational, and environmental concerns. nAccording to Huawei’s …

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Cyber weapon technology becoming sophisticated capable of destroying critical infrastructure

Cyber warfare refers to the use of technology to launch attacks on nations, governments and citizens, causing comparable harm to actual warfare using weaponry. Cyber warfare has developed into a more sophisticated type of combat between countries, where you can destroy critical infrastructure such as power, telecommunications or banking by …

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DARPA’s RTML to automatically create novel chip designs of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for defense machine learning systems

A grand challenge in computing is the creation of machines that can proactively interpret and learn from data in real time, solve unfamiliar problems using what they have learned, and operate with the energy efficiency of the human brain. While complex machine-learning algorithms and advanced electronic hardware  that can support …

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Changing nature Of Irregular Warfare require new capabilites and technologies

Traditional warfare is characterized as “a violent struggle for domination between nation-states or coalitions and alliances of nation-states. ” This confrontation typically involves force-on-force military operations in which adversaries employ a variety of conventional military capabilities against each other in the air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace domains. The objective …

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Copper forms a vital link in the defense industry’s metal and alloy supply chain, Cu2O, or cuprous oxide, is a promising material for quantum photonics, optoelectronics and renewable energy technologies.

Rare, precious and specialized metals and alloys are widely used in the defense industry, not only in weaponry and defense equipment, but also for communications equipment and infrastructure. Military contractors require metal products like nickel-aluminum bronze, Beryllium copper and copper-nickel for these and related applications, which include aircraft components, anti-missile …

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Threat of Battlefield air pollution affects soldiers and long term environment effects

Atmospheric pollution is a growing problem, particularly in urban areas and in less developed countries.  With half the world has no access to clean fuels or technologies (e.g. stoves, lamps), the very air we breathe is growing dangerously polluted. More than 8 million people around the world die each year …

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