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DARPA Gunslinger programme to enhance machinegun’s lethality by combiing them with missile

A machine gun is a fully automatic mounted or portable firearm designed to fire rifle cartridges in rapid succession from an ammunition belt or magazine.  Unlike semi-automatic firearms, which require one trigger pull per round fired, a machine gun is designed to fire for as long as the trigger is …

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SpaceChain deploys Internet of blockchains , other Countries also plan Blockchain space technology,

Historically, there was a necessity for a third party that demanded a payment to perform transactions or submit information to ensure the accuracy of transactions and create a reliable history. Blockchain eradicates the need for an intermediary through creating a trustless medium of exchange and immutable public ledger. It creates …

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DARPA “Flying Missile Rail” concept is counter to China’s very-long-range Air to Air missiles (VLRAAM)

The US has fallen behind adversaries in developing long range Air to Aor missiles. While US Air Force had awarded a half-billion-dollar contract to Raytheon for long range air-to-air missile, capable of hitting enemy planes from 100 miles (160 kilometers) away. But China’s latest offering, the PL-15, and another Chinese air-to-air …

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Growing threat of uncrackable communications by criminals and terrorists to plot or commit crimes with impunity enabled by advanced encryption technology

Federal law enforcement authorities in the U.S., as well as governments worldwide, face a continuing dilemma as a result of encryption, the everyday tool meant to protect our privacy.  After the terrible mass murders in Dayton, Ohio, the FBI struggled for days to get into the mobile phone of the …

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Countries plan Unmanned Warships conducting air defense, anti-ship and anti-submarine missions

A warship or combatant ship is a naval ship that is built and primarily intended for naval warfare. Usually they belong to the armed forces of a state. As well as being armed, warships are designed to withstand damage and are usually faster and more manoeuvrable than merchant ships. Unlike …

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Countries develop Sonic Weapons, the silent weapons used in counter-terrorist and crowd control settings

Sonic weapons employ extremely high-power sound waves  to disrupt or destroy the eardrums of a target and cause severe pain or disorientation. This is usually sufficient to incapacitate a person. Less powerful sound waves can cause humans to experience nausea or discomfort. The use of these frequencies to incapacitate persons …

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Probabilistic Computing Can Lead to Breakthroughs In Artificial Intelligence and military situation assessment

It may still be decades before quantum computers are ready to solve problems that today’s classical computers aren’t fast or efficient enough to solve, but the emerging “probabilistic computer” could bridge the gap between classical and quantum computing.   Our minds are able to explore vast spaces of possible thoughts, …

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Sound or Phonons emerging as a new element of quantum computing and devices to store, convert and search quantum data

The International Data Corp. reported that the global datasphere contained 33 zettabytes, or 33 trillion gigabytes, in 2018. By 2025, they expect that number to grow to 175 zettabytes. 175 zettabytes of information stored on DVDs would fill enough DVDs to circle Earth 222 times. In classical computing, information is stored …

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China emerged as World’s leading manufacturer, consumer and exporter of drones after US and Israel

The Sep  2019 attacks on Saudi Arabia’s crude oil hub at the Abqaiq and Khurais production facilities reveal how drone warfare has progressed in terms of  choosing of targets, precision attack, employment tactics that even a nation with a sophisticated military and a massive defense budget is still vulnerable to …

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Emerging technology convergence of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science

Technological convergence is a tendency for technologies that were originally quite unrelated to become more closely integrated and even unified as they develop and advance. Technological convergence, in general, refers to the trend or phenomenon where two or more independent technologies integrate and form a new outcome. One example is …

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