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USAF launches ORS-5 Satellite that will provide data on space objects as far as the geosynchronous belt.

Space situational awareness (SSA) is the foundational element of space security, and it entails keeping track of all natural and artificial space objects, energy and particle fluxes and understanding how the space picture is changing over time. SSA is a system of systems dealing with space surveillance, space weather and …

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Researchers looking to fishes for designing biomimetic systems for flexible Armor, faster aircraft and camouflaging skin

It was in the oceans that life first evolved and where complex animals have thrived for over 600 million years. Marine animals survive in environments as diverse as tropical coral reefs, polar ice-capped oceans, and the lightless abyssal depths, says Frank E. Fish from West Chester University and Donna M. …

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Video virtualization and AI for near real-time actionable intelligence needed to identify and mitigate defense and security threats

Police agencies are  using facial and object recognition technology for counterterrorism operations. Video footage  played a key role in finding the culprits responsible for the November 2015 Paris attacks, with a CCTV video at Brussels airport used to pin down one suspect. But, the sheer volume of video content produced …

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Countries developing Underwater LIDAR imaging systems for rapid wide-area anti-mine and anti-submarine operations

Currently, the most widely used technology to detect underwater objects  is sound navigation and ranging (SONAR), because acoustic waves can  penetrate the water depths to the bottom of the sea. SONAR also suffers from unwanted multipass echoes that are due to reflections from the surrounding terrain. Thus, high-resolution underwater imaging …

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The emerging field of phonon management allow novel phononic materials and devices to control sound and heat.

The phonon is the physical particle representing mechanical vibration and is responsible for the transmission of everyday sound and heat. Understanding and controlling the phononic properties of materials provides opportunities to thermally insulate buildings, reduce environmental noise, transform waste heat into electricity and develop earthquake protection.   The concept of …

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Next Generation MEMS thermopile IR sensor 2.0 for Internet of Things, smart homes, environment and energy technology

In the wake of increasing electronic gadget sales, the overheating problem for battery chargers has become an increasingly common safety issue. Overheating of chargers certainly can be caused by substandard chargers, faulty batteries, or by misuse of the chargers. In worst-case scenarios the devices melt or catch fire. Unsurprisingly, this …

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Russia and China testing US’s HAARP like Radar, for weather modification or jamming american submarines

The U.S.  Navy and DARPA ran a facility–the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska—before it was passed to the University of Alaska in 2014. HAARP  was a research program to study ionosphere and its response to high frequency excitations from ground. “The official objective of the …

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