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Photon spintronics or spin properties of light or could enable integrated electronic, optoelectronic and magnetoelectronic devices

Spin electronics (also called spintronics, magnetoelectronics or magnetronics) is “A branch of physics concerned with the storage and transfer of information by means of electron spins in addition to electron charge as in conventional electronics.” Spin-based electronics focuses on devices whose functionality is based primarily on the spin degree of …

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DARPA CODE developing swarming UAVs to defeat A2/AD environments

US military is facing increasingly Anti-access /Area denial environment,  a set of overlapping military capabilities and operations designed to slow the deployment of U.S. forces to a region, reduce the tempo of those forces once there, and deny the freedom of action necessary to achieve military objectives . “A2/AD capabilities …

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USAF’s BLU-129/Bs or VLCDW is a Carbon Fiber Bomb with very low collateral damage but also extraordinarily expensive

Cities have become the new battleground and Hybrid or Urban Warfare the greatest threat being waged by ISIS to Boko Haram to Hamas to Ukraine rebels. Urban warfare is the only way the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria will be defeated. Urban environments negate many traditional U.S. military …

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DARPA enhancing Military COTS system security by automatically deploying secure configurations of Components

The growth of the internet-of-things (IoT) and network-connected composed systems (e.g., aircraft, critical-infrastructure, etc.) has led to unprecedented technical diversity in deployed systems. From consumer IoT devices developed with minimal built-in security, which are often co-opted by malware to launch large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on internet infrastructure, …

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DARPA’s Advanced RF Mapping (Radio Map) enable radio-frequency situational awareness on the battlefield.

Military spectrum requirements are also increasing exponentially as military operations increasingly rely on access to the wireless spectrum in order to assess the tactical environment and coordinate and execute their critical missions. The demand for more and timely information at every echelon is driving an increase in DoD’s need for …

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DARPA Seeks New Composite Material and Process for Manufacturing Small Parts

After nearly a century of dominance as the material of choice for aircraft, metals are seeing increased competition from composite materials in use on Aircrafts. In the modern age, the aerospace industry is also looking ahead to tougher, lighter, and more heat-resistant materials that would lessen emissions, cut fuel costs, …

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Sound offers new directions in optical processing and integrated photonics

Brillouin scattering is an effect caused by the χ(3) nonlinearity of a medium, specifically by that part of the nonlinearity which is related to acoustic phonons. An incident photon can be converted into a scattered photon of slightly lower energy, usually propagating in the backward direction, and a phonon.   …

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Nanotechnology is transforming aerospace, leading to lighter and more efficient air vehicles

The aerospace industry is one of the most important heavy industries in the world. Countless companies rely on the ability to ship products and people around the world with the speed that can only by achieved by air.   Along with this huge economic value, however, comes huge consumption, and …

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Military developing technologies like new clothing materials to survive in Extreme cold weather like Arctic

Norwegian oil and gas industry is heading into the Arctic, and its looking for Work clothing specifically tailored to Arctic conditions is hard to find. Industrial designers have now joined forces with researchers to create the perfect clothing concept. Wenaas is a leading supplier of work clothing to the oil …

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Countries developing bomb disposal robots having exceptional level of versatility, dexterity and diversity

EOD operators or ammunition technical officers conduct some of the military’s most dangerous jobs, who has the daunting task of dismantling, defusing and disposing bombs and other explosive ordnance, often in the most hostile and challenging of environments. Making this job safer  are bomb disposal robots, unmanned vehicles capable of disabling …

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