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DARPA investing in breakthrough camera technologies like 4D camera, seeing around corners and digitally mapping the room for urban and unconventional warfare

Urban Warfare Operations are complicated by a three-dimensional environment, limited fields of view and fire because of buildings, enhanced concealment and cover for defenders, below-ground infrastructure, and the ease of placement of booby traps and snipers. DARPA  is  investing in many novel camera technologies . In the event of urban …

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US and UK Airforce deploying Next Generation Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) technology for rapid engagement of enemy aircraft, and reduce risk to friendly aircraft.

IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) is the military designation of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) System that is used to identify and track military aircraft. It enables military and civilian air traffic control interrogation systems to identify aircraft, vehicles or forces as friendly and to determine their bearing and range …

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Future infantry squads shall be equipped with lighter, Safer, programmable but more lethal ammunition

U.S. Army small-arms experts recently laid out a blueprint of future small-arms goals that would equip infantry units with several new weapons, ranging from a new squad automatic rifle to a new shoulder-fired, anti-armor weapon. The service plans to equip infantry squads with lighter, more effective small arms.   The …

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New class of Electronics: Biodegradable, Transient, Self Destructing for Security and Biomedical applications

Consumer electronics constitute a rapidly increasing source of waste. Cell phones, tablets and the like are typically made of non-renewable, non-biodegradable, partly environmentally toxic materials. A report from United Nations University (UNU) found that the world produced 41.8 million metric tons of e-waste in 2014 – an amount that would …

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DARPA Assured Autonomy Seeks to guarantee Safety of Autonomous Systems that leverage capabilities of machine learning

DARPA has launched a new research program called Assured Autonomy that aims to advance the ways computing systems can learn and evolve to better manage variations in the environment and enhance the predictability of autonomous systems like driverless vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).   “Tremendous advances have been made …

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Counter stealth radars on China’s High-altitude Long-endurance drones is enhancing its A2/AD capability

Situational awareness of potential hostile targets and of friendly forces is considered to be a key component in obtaining and sustaining military superiority over adversaries. Airborne Early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft has been providing  a real-time picture of friendly, neutral, and hostile air and maritime activity under all kinds …

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Automated AI based soft kill countermeasures including electronic attack and cyber weapons will protect Warships from future missile threats

Naval Warships now faces wide spectrum of threats from hypersonic missiles, ballistic and cruise missiles, cavitating torpedoes, rail guns, lasers and UAVs. Anti-Ship Missiles are guided missiles most of them of the sea skimming variety, and many use a combination of inertial guidance and active radar homing. A good number …

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