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DARPA’s Wireless Network Defense program seeks to develop new technologies to help make wireless networks more resilient to unforeseen scenarios and malicious compromise

When in the field, military service members rely on their mobile devices to provide access to wireless networks in areas lacking a communications infrastructure. The protocols used for these networks determine the best config urations, and therefore trust all information shared about the security and operational state of each node. …

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Neural Dust implanted in the body without surgery could monitor or stimulate internal muscles, organs, nerves or brain in real time

U C Berkeley engineers have built the first dust-sized, wireless sensors that can be implanted in the body, bringing closer the day when a Fitbit-like device could monitor internal nerves, muscles or organs in real time.Because these batteryless sensors could also be used to stimulate nerves and muscles, the technology also …

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New cyber security technologies Dispersing data packets over Multiple Network Paths and Continuously Scrambling Code

“United States adversaries are launching increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks on the complicated web of networked systems upon which our military relies,” explained Robert W. Twitchell, Jr., President and CEO of Dispersive Technologies. “These attacks impair connectivity, degrade mission effectiveness and threaten lives. “While the means of cyber attacks vary, the pattern …

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DARPA Next Generation Social Science program seek new models, theories, and tools for predictive science of social phenomena

Military commanders require means for detecting and anticipating long-term strategic instability. They have to get ahead and stay ahead of conflicts, whether those conflicts are within nation states, between nation states, and/or between non-nation states. In establishing or maintaining security in a region, cooperation and planning by the regional combatant …

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