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Countries plan military space strategy for space control , deterrence and space protection as the space becomes warfighting domain

As the space domain has become more congested, the potential for intentional and unintentional threats to space system assets has increased. Space is also becoming another domain of conflict due to enhanced militarization and weaponization of space. This is driving nations whose military is highly dependent on space to launch …

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Space agencies developing green, environmentally friendly propellants systems for next-generation for next-generation launch vehicles and spacecraft

Hydrazine has dominated the space industry as the choice of propellant for over six decades, due to its high-performance characteristics, despite its environment and health hazards and the challenges faced in its manufacturing, storage, ground handling and transportation. Hydrazine based propulsion systems are state-of-the-art for various applications ranging from launchers to …

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China leading the Global Space race to build Moon bases, harness it’s mineral resources and helium-3, fuel for future nuclear fusion power plants

There is global  space race among countries  to build Moon bases, harness it’s mineral resources and helium-3, fuel for future nuclear fusion power plants. Space agencies in China, Japan, Europe, Russia, Iran , Canada and a few private companies all hope to send people to the moon by as early …

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DARPA SeeMe to provide US warfighters on-demand access to timely imagery of their specific overseas location directly from a small satellite

Today, the lowest echelon members of the U.S. military deployed in remote overseas locations are unable to obtain on-demand satellite imagery in a timely and persistent manner for pre-mission planning. This is due to lack of satellite overflight opportunities, inability to receive direct satellite downlinks at the tactical level and …

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Countries racing to develop dedicated launchers for microsatellites and nanosatellites clusters to LEO to capture big emerging market

Global interest in nano and microsatellites (< 100kg) is increasing. Many nanosatellites (<10 kg) are used for educational purposes, and within the past few years nanosatellite applications have expanded to on-orbit technology demonstration/experimentation, telecommunications, and earth observation.   These are the fastest growing segments in the satellite industry. ‘CubeSat’ is …

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