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China’s Militarization of contested islands driving Countries to develop Amphibious Capability including Assault Vehicles

China recently has deployed anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missiles, electronic jammers and other equipment on the Spratly Islands, and landed a bomber aircraft at Woody Island. Several islands were constructed with airstrips and harbors capable of accepting military aircraft and warships. China has also deployed antiship cruise missiles (ASCMs) and long-range surface-to-air missiles …

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Cyber attacks as big a threat to warships as missiles and torpedoes, Navies developing cyber security measures and technologies

An internal US Navy review concluded that the service and its various industry partners are “under cyber siege” from Chinese hackers who are building Beijing’s military capabilities while eroding the US’s advantage, The Wall Street Journal reported in March 2019. Chinese hackers have repeatedly hit the Navy, defense contractors, and even …

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China leading in geo strategic deep-ocean race building deep sea Naval base in South China Sea and deep sea “space station.”

China has achieved mastery in utilizing civilian technologies for military purposes. Deep sea reach is also important to Navies which can collect the information about enemy submarines as well as carry out their own operations undetected. China continues to make progress in deep sea exploration following the three-month mission of a …

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Russia’s growing stealthy conventional and nuclear submarine fleet posing threat to NATO maritime dominance

Russia is seeking to bolster its sub-surface capabilities, with new generations of conventional and nuclear propulsion submarines, which promise to be significantly more difficult to detect and track for western naval forces. This includes the Yasen, Lada, and Kalina classes of submarines. Russia’s op­erational submarine force consists of an estimated: 12 …

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U.S. Navy plans large number of attack submarines including super stealthy Virginia class Attack submarines, with Nuclear weapons capability to maintain the nation’s undersea supremacy

US Navy  plans to add as many as 32 attack submarines in just the next 15 years. Overall, the addition of attack submarines represents the largest overall platform increase within the Navy’s ambitious plan to grow the fleet to 355 ships. “Battle force inventory reaches 301 in 2020 and 355 in 2034,” …

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Navies demand Air-Independent Propulsion Submarines because of their ability to perform stealthy underwater operations.

Naval Warfare depends a large extent on lethality and survivability of submarines its principal weapon therefore Navies have been researching new ways to make them quieter and increasing their underwater endurance. Propulsion system plays an extremely important role in the functioning of a submarine for the completion of its desired …

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China’s first indigenous Aircraft carrier Type 001A begins maiden sea trial, second carrier with breakthrough electromagnetic launch system under advanced stage

Aircraft carrier is simply a ship outfitted with a flight deck , a runway area for launching and landing airplanes equivalent of airbase. However this  greatly enhances its the air power  with capacity to destroy hundreds of surface targets per day, making the difference between victory and defeat.  Carriers can …

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