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Cloud Security

Cloud computing has burst recently into technology and business scene promising great technical and economic advantages, like offering On-demand provisioning of computer services, improved flexibility and scalability as well as reducing costs. Another attractive point of the cloud is its ability to enable a mobile workforce, which brings enhanced flexibility …

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DARPA’s ACT & ACT-IV developed software defined RF phased array antennas that perfrom communications, radar, and electronic warfare (EW) simultaneously

Phased radio frequency (RF) arrays use numerous small antennas to steer RF beams without mechanical movement. Phased array antennas are a type of antenna array that comes with the feature of electronic steering to change the direction and shape of radiated signals, without any physical movement of the antenna. The phase …

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Future Smart energy buildings requirements and technologies

Power cuts are becoming increasingly common worldwide as electricity consumption soars and breakdowns in the electrical grid become more common. Extreme weather and widespread adoption of electric vehicles will add even more load in the coming years.   The buildings sector accounts for about 76% of electricity use and 40% …

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Reusable Rockets that can launch payloads into orbit and then land safely are critical for Space tourism and Space security

Launch cost has always been the primary constraint in the space business. If access to space weren’t so expensive we’d have an astounding amount of entrepreneurial activity in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and beyond. Engineers have found two competitive solutions to reduce the access to space, by using reusable launch vehicles …

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China has emerged as global Space power with largest commercial and Military Satellite launches

China is fast becoming a major space power as both its technology and launching frequency of satellites are improving at a rapid rate.  China has launched more satellites than any other country in 2020 as of Sept. 30, according to a report by Bryce Space and Technology. China has conducted …

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Critical communications broadband capabilities

Public safety organizations and many other professionals need to communicate when coordinating operations and tasks.  Critical Communication is essential to react and respond effectively and at the core of the functioning of emergency services. Critical communications include mobile, radio telecommunication systems and devices that must provide reliable and secure communication at …

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Quantum enhanced LIDAR will help reduce environmentally damaging methane leaks from the oil and gas industry

In purely economic terms, methane leaks from well-heads and pipelines cost the oil and gas industry between $6bn and $30bn a year. In the US, methane leaks from the natural gas and petroleum industry are now the number one source of methane emissions, surpassing livestock digestion and landfill. Although it …

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Quantum (QRNG) or True Random Number Generator (TRNG) technology for post quantum cryptography, Mobile and IoT security and impenetrable encryption of military communications

Random numbers are important in many fields of scientific research and real-life applications, such as fundamental physical research, computer science and the lottery industry.  They also serve as foundation in many security applications including encryption, authentication, signing, key wrapping and other cryptographic applications.   In cryptography, the one-time pad (OTP) is …

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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market

As the number of electric cars on the road has continued to increase, private and publicly accessible charging infrastructure has also continued to grow.  Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is the basic unit of EV charging infrastructure. The EVSE accesses power from the local electricity supply and utilizes a control system …

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Cyber Security of Aircraft avionics on commercial and military aircrafts

Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft. Aircraft avionics is the most crucial component of aircraft systems and helps in providing various operational and virtual information in-flight and on the ground. The avionics system receives data from the air traffic management system and feeds this information to the pilot …

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