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Solar sail propulsion for Deep Space Exploration

Spacecraft propulsion is any device which is used to propel spacecraft and artificial satellites.  Satellite propulsion or in-space propulsion exclusively deals with propulsion systems used in the vacuum of space. Space propulsion is a method used to accelerate spacecraft or artificial satellites. The function of the propulsion system is to …

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Aircraft Airworthiness, Certification Requirements, processes and tests

Every Aircraft that moves from the designed and manufactured state into an accepted and authorized safe flying state requires certification.  Any new aircraft designed by a manufacturer will need to be submitted to appropriate regulatory authorities for testing for a type certificate. In the US this is the FAA (Federal …

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Enabling technologies of In-Space Assembly (OOS / ISA), automated satellite on-orbit servicing (OOS) and Robotic Manufacturing and Assembly (IRMA)

In the history of spaceflight, almost all spacecraft have been manufactured and assembled on the ground, then integrated into a launch vehicle for delivery into orbit. This approach imposes significant limitations on the size, volume, and design of payloads that can be accommodated within the fairing of a single launch …

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Satellite Image Analysis using Deep learning methods enables Automatic Target Recognition ( ATR) of military targets

Despite substantial advances in global human well-being, the world continues to experience humanitarian crises and natural disasters. Long-term conflicts affect people in many parts of the world, but often, accurate maps of the affected regions either do not exist or are outdated by disaster or conflict. Satellite imagery is readily …

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Secure Satellite communications in Arctic for military as it is becoming arena of competition and militarization

As the Global warming is melting the Arctic ice, anf militd opening up new shipping trade routes and real estate, intense resource competition over an estimated $1 trillion untapped reserves of oil, natural gas and minerals has started. Human activities have grown in the Arctic by almost 400 percent in …

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Global Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Market

There has been exponential growth of space objects, including orbital debris that has increased the in-orbit collision risk. In the year 2019 alone, 385 smallsats were launched & over 1,000 smallsat launches per year is forecasted going forwards. In addition to polluting space, space junk it poses risks for safely …

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Software-defined satellites and networks to usher autonomous satellites and autonomous swarms

The traditional satellite network architecture mainly consists of the space segment and the ground segment. The space segment is composed of satellites distributed in the global air, and the satellite has inter-satellite links to form the satellite network. The ground segment is a ground core network, which consists of a …

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Big Data Analytics technology and trends

The complexity of managing projects within the Triple constraints has been increasing day by day. Various factors contributing include shortening product development cycles, changing customer expectations, exponentially increasing usage of the internet as well as more millennials in the project teams.   One of the ways to manage this complexity …

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Emerging Quantum metamaterials and metasurfaces are an entirely new type of materials enabling quantum computers and sensors

Metamaterials are artificial materials designed to control the electromagnetic properties of a medium. Metasurfaces are the two-dimensional version of metamaterials: extremely thin surfaces made up of numerous subwavelength optical nanoantennas, each designed to serve a specific function upon the interaction with light. The metasurfaces contain regularly spaced nanoparticles that can …

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Quantum Computers in Healthcare Industry

Quantum technology field comprises four domains: Quantum Communication, where an individual or entangled photons are used to transmit data in a provably secure way; Quantum Simulation, where well-controlled quantum systems are used to reproduce the behavior of other, less accessible quantum systems; Quantum Computation, which employs quantum effects to dramatically …

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