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Microwave & RF Absorbers and materials

Radiation in a high-frequency circuit or system can be difficult to control. For that reason, RF/microwave absorber materials are often added to circuits to suppress or eliminate unwanted radiation either from the circuit to the outside or to minimize the effects of radiated signals outside a circuit (such as broadcast …

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Novel materials for 3D printing enabling high-performance parts optimized for strength, stiffness, and damage tolerance.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is ongoing revolution in manufacturing with its potential to fabricate any complex object and is being utilized from aerospace components to human organs, textiles, metals, buildings and even food. 3D printing is also revolutionizing defence by printing small components to full drones on naval vessels, …

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Aircraft Internet-of-Things, AI and Big Data analytics to revolutionize the operational efficiency and safety of commercial and military Aircrafts

The aviation industry is one of the leading  segment in embracing the digital transformation. For airlines, as for any company operating in the service industry, instant accessibility, interactivity and personalization, become crucial aspects of doing business. Digital technologies are used to enhance customer experience, boost efficiency and generate more revenue. …

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Chemical/Biological Threat to Air Transportation

Historically, most terrorist attacks on civilian targets have involved the use of firearms or explosives, and current defensive strategies are aimed at preventing attacks perpetrated by such means. However, the use of the nerve agent sarin in 1995 to attack the Tokyo subway system, the use of the U.S. mail …

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Submarine accidents and incidents

Many navies now have a fleet of submarines, both large and small, primarily using them as a deterrent in territorial waters. A standard fleet is typically about five or more boats. China, India, Japan and South Korea all have large submarine fleets. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia has long had submarines. …

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Nuclear Security Threat due to emerging technologies like cyber-warfare, artificial intelligence, precision targeting, drones and hypersonic delivery systems

The potential use of nuclear weapons poses the greatest danger to U.S. security. According to the U.S. National Security Strategy, Recently Nuclear threat is rising again due to nuclear arms race in asia, modernisation of  nuclear arsenal by Major and regional powers, statement by countries like North Korea to use …

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Metamaterials for Sensitive Biomolecule Sensing and Imaging

The ability to design and fabricate materials with new functionalities opens the door to a new world of possibilities. They can be tailored to either augment the functionality of existing devices or create new devices with superior performances. Metamaterials are artificially structured materials designed to control and manipulate physical phenomena …

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New Satellite test facilities required due to large Commercial and Military thrust on Microsatellites and Nanosatellites

As of May 2021, there are about 4,300 active artificial satellites currently orbit Earth. We rely so much on satellites for so many things in our lives, and we count on them to be durable and reliable. When satellites don’t work properly, they can severely impact our lives. That’s why …

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DARPA MICE will quantify how authoritarian regimes control information

Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by the rejection of political plurality, the use of strong central power to preserve the political status quo, and reductions in the rule of law, separation of powers, and democratic voting. Authoritarian states might contain nominally democratic institutions such as political parties, legislatures, …

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DARPA AWE to provide Drinking Water extracted from Air , on Demand to soldiers in battlefield

It is estimated that around four billion people on the globe suffer from water scarcity. Distribution and production of fresh water and the control over water sources are potential cause for conflicts. Therefore, researchers are investigating new ways of freshwater production and the improvement of existing techniques.   Potable water …

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