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Growing E-waste crisis requires recycling technologies and move to biodegradable Electronics

Information and Communication Technology has enabled the transformation to information based society by overcoming the barriers imposed by time, distance, location and constraints inherent in human capacities to process information and make decisions. ICT equipment at the basic level comprises of software and supporting hardware necessary for sensing, storing (and …

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Navies require Automated AUV Launch and Recovery System for a variety of Ships , USVs or submarine platforms

UUVs—submersible unmanned vehicles—are divided into two categories: remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). ROVs are controlled and powered by a person or crew on either land or neighboring craft via an umbilical or using remote control. The truly autonomous AUV systems are typically deployed from a …

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New 3D printer technology breakthroughs enable on demand complex military systems with high speed and quality

3D printing or additive manufacturing is ongoing revolution in manufacturing with its potential to fabricate any complex object and is being utilized from aerospace components to human organs, textiles, metals, buildings and even food.  Its advantages include less waste and an ability to print custom designs, such as intricate lattice …

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AI and Machine Learning being employed by Space Agencies for space exploration and Space Force for Space Warfare

Artificial intelligence has long been transforming our daily lives and the daily operations of many businesses. From smart assistants like Siri and Alexa to more complex solutions that optimize business flow in large organizations, the technology has become so pervasive that it has almost become an inseparable companion. But AI’s power …

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India and Russian Defence cooperation advancing to joint research, development and production of advanced defence technologies and systems

Indo-Russian relationship have stood the test of time established since Indian independence . Soviet Union had a cardinal role in setting the foundations of Indian industrial base. Eight of India’s 16 heavy industry in the period 1956-61 were built with Soviet help.In 1971 the two countries signed the Treaty of …

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Lawfare, or legal warfare as means of realizing a military objective

Legal warfare, at its most basic, involves “arguing that one’s own side is obeying the law, criticizing the other side for violating the law [weifa], and making arguments for one’s own side in cases where there are also violations of the law.” Lawfare, or legal warfare, exploits “all aspects of the …

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Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology to decrease the overall cost of operating the commercial and military vehicle fleet

Vehicle electrification is one of the greatest developments in the automotive sector. Increasing apprehension about environmental fortification has prompted the research that greatly propelled the electric mobility around the globe. By 2025, 7 million electric vehicles are projected to be on the road in the US, with 5 million charge …

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Army turns to data analytics and machine learning for skill identification, talent recruitment and development

The National Defense Strategy and the Army Strategy both point out that the global security environment is increasingly complex and shaped by several emergent trends. In the past, the Army has enjoyed a competitive advantage over any potential adversary in capital, technology, and people. More recently, however, near-peer, revisionist great …

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Militaries developing Machine Learning Algorithms to decode Brain Signals for Brain-computer interface (or BCI)

Brain-computer interface (or BCI) is basically setting up a connection between the human brain and the computer device to control or to perform certain activity using brain signals. These brain signals are translated as an action for a device. The interface thus provides a one-to-one communication pathway between the brain …

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US Navy modernizing it’s C4ISR for implementing it’s Information Superiority Vision

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Aaron Weis has released the DON Information Superiority Vision in Feb 2020 which conveyed the DON’s vision for information superiority through our information, modernized network design, and our workforce; and defines our way forward. As stated by General David H. Berger, the 38th …

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