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Militaries thrust on Quantum Sensors including Quantum Magnetometers for submarine detection and Navigation in GPS denied environments

The world, say many experts, is on the verge of a second quantum revolution. Energy quantization gave us modern electronics via the transistor and the laser, but humans’ burgeoning ability to manipulate individual atoms and electrons could potentially transform industries ranging from communications and energy to medicine and defense. The most …

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Militaries develop largest transport aircraft or military cargo aircraft to airlift troops and military equipment to support military operations.

Military transport aircraft or military cargo aircraft are used to airlift troops and military equipment to support military operations. Air transport provides a military commander with the capability to deploy, employ and re-deploy forces and equipment quickly and over considerable distances, sustain those forces and support effective application of their …

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DARPA D3M to automate Data Science and model discovery for complex Defense systems

Understanding the complex and increasingly data-intensive world around us relies on the construction of robust empirical models, i.e., representations of real, complex systems that enable decision makers to predict behaviors and answer “what-if” questions. Empirical models lie at the heart of much science (e.g., quantitative physics, material science, chemistry, biology/medicine, …

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Faster, Longer-Range Air-to-Air Missiles require new propulsion technologies to enhance engagement ranges against manoeuvring targets

Traditional missiles powered by rocket motors typically carry both fuel and oxidizer. An air-breathing ramjet missile can dispense with the separate oxidizer payload, reducing the size of a propulsion package.  Thanks to ramjets, smaller missiles use that space for other things, like a bigger warhead or more fuel. Ramjets, according to …

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DOD recognizing data as a strategic asset has developed enterprise-wide data strategy to transform into a data-centric enterprise.

The Department of Defense’s (DoD) mission is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security. The DoD now recognizes that data is a strategic asset that must be operationalized in order to provide a lethal and effective Joint Force that, combined with our network …

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The future of commercial and military Data storage and Databases is Cloud platform with Data as a service (DaaS)

A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. Where databases are more complex they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques. The database management system (DBMS) is the software that interacts with end users, applications, and the database itself to …

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US Space Warfare guided by space strategy , implemented by Space Command & Force and supported by Space Development Agency(SDA) for technology development

As the space domain has become more congested, the potential for intentional and unintentional threats to space system assets has increased. Space is also becoming another domain of conflict due to enhanced militarization and weaponization of space. This is driving nations whose military is highly dependent on space to launch …

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US DOD developing tactical Cloud computing for battlefield,or combat cloud for Target Tracking and Localization (TTL) and Persistent Surveillance

Broadly speaking, cloud computing refers to the practice of remotely storing and accessing information and software programs on demand, instead of storing data on a computer’s hard drive or accessing it through an organization’s intranet. This practice relies on a cloud infrastructure, a collection of hardware and software that may …

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US still dominating the global arms exports, while China has replaced Russia to emerge as the world’s second-largest arms producer, as per a report by SIPRI

New data from SIPRI’s Arms Industry Database shows that arms sales by the world’s 25 largest arms-producing and military services companies (arms companies) totalled US$361 billion in 2019. This represents an 8.5 per cent increase in real terms over the arms sales of the top 25 arms companies in 2018. Among …

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Supercomputers enable timely and relaible Weather Forecasting allowing DOD estimate impact on military operations and plan weather warfare

“A supercomputer takes very complex problems and breaks them down into parts that are worked on simultaneously by thousands of processors, instead of being worked on individually in a single system, like a regular computer. Thanks to parallel processing, researchers and scientists can generate insight much faster considering a laptop …

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