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Navies integrating AI into Naval vessels

The general definition of AI is the capability of a computer system to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making. Machine Learning (ML) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence which attempts to endow computers with the capacity of learning from data, so that …

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Miniature Air Launched Decoy missiles to enhance Aircraft Survivability

In the first half of the twentieth century, guns were the primary weapons used against aircraft. The small arms weapons typically fire ball ammunition, or armor-piercing projectiles, known as AP rounds, or AP projectiles with incendiaries, known as API rounds. The AAA weapons and the larger-caliber aircraft guns usually fire …

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Japanese defense industry

The security environment of  Japan and the whole region is threatened by expanding military and assertiveness of China and the testing of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles by North Korea. Beijing declaration of its sovereignty (via an Air Defense Identification Zone) over the disputed Sengaku or Diaoyu islets in the …

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Quantum effects enhancing atomic clocks and improving military communications and electronic warfare (EW)

The principle of timekeeping has been to count the repetitions or oscillations of repeating natural phenomena such as rotation of earth or movement of stars. Over the millennia a myriad of devices has been invented for timekeeping including pendulum or crystals, each with a period far shorter than the daily …

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Bio-Inspired Micro Air Vehicle for better flight performance, controlability and endurance

UAVs are Aircrafts that are piloted remotely by some person who is at a different place. These UAVs of various sizes and shapes can fly continuously for more than 24 hours and some of them can only fly for less than 30 minutes. Some UAVs have wings of several meters …

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Nanotechnology, one of the fastest growing markets in the world

Nanotechnology deals with the understanding, control, and manufacture of matter in the nanoscale regime, usually between 1 nm to 100 nm, and exploiting them for a useful application. At this length scale, unique properties and phenomena arise as a result of increased surface-to-volume ratio and dominance of quantum mechanical effects. …

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Pollution control strategies and technologies to fight growing menace of pollution deaths

Atmospheric pollution is a growing problem, particularly in urban areas and in less developed countries.  With half the world has no access to clean fuels or technologies (e.g. stoves, lamps), the very air we breathe is growing dangerously polluted. More than 8 million people around the world die each year …

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Emerging Network Centric Electronic Warfare enabled by UAVs and UAV swarm technologies

The current platform-centric EW systems are limited in their ability to generate essential EW effects required to counter emerging threat system developments and employ advanced EW concepts. The adversaries are fielding increasingly sophisticated networked and agile systems, RF sensing and communications systems, including short-range tactical communications, long-range command and control (C2) …

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liquid metals and their applications

Metals are the most important and earth-abundant materials. Ninety-one of overall one hundred eighteen elements are metals. They generally exhibit good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent mechanical properties and unique chemical properties, which can be widely used in applications ranging from conductive wires, thermal conductors, structural frames and pipes, to …

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Spider silk one of the strongest materials on Earth for military applications of body armor and parachute material

Spider silk is also known as gossamer. It is a sought-after biomaterial. Spider silk is a protein fiber made in the glands of a spider. This silk is flexible and lightweight. These fibers are waterproof and have a tensile strength similar to that of steel. These fibers can be stretched …

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