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Dilution refrigeration technology is an enabling technology specifically for superconducting qubits for quantum computing.

In Sep 2020, IBM  announced its roadmap to reaching 1,000-plus qubits by 2023 to reach the true quantum industry inflection point of Quantum Advantage — the point at which quantum systems will be more powerful than today’s conventional computing. It’s an aggressively ambitious mission, which recognizes that merely incremental increases in …

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Silicon photonics manufacturing overcoming challenges to meet requirements from 5G wireless, data centres to supercomputers, biosensing to Quantum Optics

Silicon has been the mainstay of micro-nanoelectronics since the late 1950s, being widely adopted for electronic devices and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technologies. In the early 2000s, silicon material’s broad transparency that spanned the short- and mid-wavelength infrared enabled silicon-based optics to blossom into a wide variety of photonics …

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Quantum Control is Control of physical systems whose behaviour is dominated by the laws of quantum mechanics.

Control theory deals with the optimization of performance of fixed systems through regulation by a controller. Following standard engineering terminology, the designated system is called the plant, and the system used to alter the plant dynamics is the controller. The system (or “plant”): the device we want to control, having …

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High Frequency Surface Wave Radars (HFSWR) for Ship detection and tracking far beyond the horizon

In recent years organized crime in maritime regions has flourished, threatening both secure flow of goods from Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)  and lives of participants in the marine operations. Security threats and humanitarian risks caused by trafficking (drugs, weapons, etc.), irregular transport of migrants, maritime terrorism or even piracy are …

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Rising Threat of software errors and cyber attacks on mission-critical systems , DOD thrust on Software Assurance to assure to assure high quality, safety, security and reliability

Computers are increasingly being introduced into safety-critical systems, and, as a consequence, have been involved in accidents. Between June 1 985 and January 1987, six known accidents involved massive overdoses by the Therac-25 – with resultant deaths and serious injuries. The cause was attributed to the errors in control program, …

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Synthetic Biology is the core science for future Defence Technology, according to DARPA

Synthetic biology is the application of science, technology and engineering to facilitate and accelerate the design, manufacture and/or modification of genetic materials in living organisms, as defined by the  European Commission. It envisions the redesign of natural biological systems for greater efficiency, as well as create new organisms as well as …

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Global race to exploit Synthetic Biology for defence as Biology emerging as new domain of warfare

Synthetic biology technology aims to redesign natural biological systems for greater efficiency, as well as create new organisms as well as molecules with desired bio-attributes. These bioengineered microorganisms (and possibly other life forms) that can produce pharmaceuticals, detect toxic chemicals, break down pollutants, repair defective genes, destroy cancer cells, and generate …

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Physical protection of Infrastructure, Engineering Secure Environments from Targeted Attacks

Terrorist attacks and other malicious acts often target public spaces and other unguarded areas (soft targets), like city centres, pedestrian precincts, transport hubs, shopping malls, parks, bars and restaurants. Due to their open nature, public spaces are characterized by large public attendance and may become an easy target for not …

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Militaries developing Quantum receiver employing Rydberg atoms for ultrasensitive, ultrawideband and fast soldier communications

The world, say many experts, is on the verge of a second quantum revolution. Energy quantization gave us modern electronics via the transistor and the laser, but humans’ burgeoning ability to manipulate individual atoms and electrons could potentially transform industries ranging from communications and energy to medicine and defense. The most …

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USAF Agile Cyber Technology 3 (ACT 3) to develop enabling technologies to achieve cyber superiority.

Cyberspace is essential to all Air Force (AF) missions. It is a domain in which, from which, and through which AF missions are performed. Actions in cyberspace can have digital, kinetic, and human effects. Increasingly, the cyberspace domain is contested and/or denied. Yet our ability to address opportunities and threats …

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