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Wireless and Emergency Communication Tech for Disasters: New Technologies Address Obstacles

The occurrence of a large natural or man-made disaster is often combined with the destruction of the local infrastructures on the ground. For example, the earthquake in Wenchuan in May, 2008 did not only has a huge destructive power, but also made the disaster area into many information isolated islands …

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New low profile Antennas developed for military applications highly integrated and conformable to the host platform

The antenna are required in military for land-based, naval, and airborne communications, as well as communications intelligence (COM- INT) and electronic warfare (EW) systems  including communications electronic support measures (CESM) and communications electronic countermeasures (CECM). The aperture size is constrained by the dimensions of the host platform (e.g. aircraft or naval …

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DARPA’s Molecular Informatics program to develop molecular devices for Military information storage and processing

Molecular electronics, also called moletronics, is the branch of nanotechnology where the molecular building blocks are used for the fabrication of electronic components. It is an interdisciplinary area that spans physics, chemistry, and materials science. The smaller size of the electronic components decreases power consumption while increasing the sensitivity (and …

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DARPA plans revolutionary new architectures with Physics of AI (PAI) to accelerate AI in Defense Applications

In past, DARPA had (R&D) that facilitated the advancement and application of “First Wave” (rule based) and “Second Wave” (statistical learning based) AI technologies. Today, DARPA continues to lead innovation in AI research which will help shape a future for AI technology where machines may serve as trusted and collaborative …

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