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Curved image sensors for better resolution, and wide field of view cameras for cell phones to Miniature UAVs


Smartphone camera technology is growing in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years and continues to be a major point to differentiate their products.  More and more technologies are being incorporated including  larger sensors, better lenses, ultra-thin lens, optical image stabilization technologies, dual camera optical zoom technology that …

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Countries are testing Visible light Communications or LiFi for, Internet of Things, Vehicular networks, 5G mobile and Underwater networks

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This  next-generation network shall provide  fast Internet for everyone, smart cities, driverless cars, critical health care, “internet of things” revolution, and reliable and secure communications for critical infrastructures and services. The wireless-fidelity (Wi-Fi)  with maximum  speed of 150 Mbps, according to standards of 1EEE 802.11n, is not sufficient to fulfill …

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DARPA Seeks Ultrafast Laser technology to improve range and resolution of next generation military navigation, communication, imaging and radar systems


Defense applications, such as geo-location, navigation, communication, coherent imaging and radar, depend on the generation and transmission of stable, agile electromagnetic radiation. The Program in Ultrafast Laser Science and Engineering (PULSE) seeks to enable efficient and agile use of the entire electromagnetic spectrum by linking it to the output of …

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Free Space Optical communications for ultrafast secure communications from Aircrafts, Satellites, Moon and Mars


Free Space Optical or Laser communications is creating a new communications revolution, that by using visible and infrared light instead of radio waves for data transmission  is providing  large bandwidth, high data rate, license free spectrum, easy and quick deployability,  low mass and  less power requirement. It also offers low …

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Single photon detector (SPD) critical technology for quantum computers and communications, and submarine detection


Light is widely used for communications, carrying phone conversations and video signals through fiber-optic cables around the world in pulses composed of many photons. Light is also being used in  optical wireless communication, a form of free space communications consisting of a LASER at source and detector at the destination. …

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Quantum cascade laser (QCL) critical component for standoff detection of chemical warfare agents


The quantum cascade laser is a special kind of semiconductor laser, usually emitting mid-infrared light. Such a laser operates on laser transitions not between different electronic bands but on intersubband transitions of a semiconductor structure. Applications include detecting chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals, monitoring building air quality, measuring …

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