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US Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) enables mission command and secure reliable voice, video and data communications anytime, anywhere without the need for fixed infrastructure.


Today’s soldiers expect to have network access anywhere, anytime. With the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T), commanders can communicate on-the-move and soldiers can have their voices heard, their texts received, and their location displayed on a map. The WIN-T network allow all Army commanders, and other communications network users, at all …

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World’s first Quantum satellite launched by China will enable it to build global unhackable ground and space network infrastructure


China’s quantum satellite has produced its first successful result. In a paper published  in Science, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the satellite had successfully distributed entangled photons between three different terrestrial base stations, separated by as much as 1,200 kilometers on the ground. The result is the …

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Researchers developing LIDAR Payload for Manned and Unmanned Airborne Platforms that is able to detect the target hidden under foliage.


Situation awareness and accurate target identification are critical requirements both for security forces engaged in counterterrorism operations. Ground, airborne and space-borne radars and EO sensors have proved to be of great utility in  detection, tracking, and imaging of  vehicles to  high speed fighter aircrafts,   locating mortars and artillery,  over the …

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