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Growing demand, Strategic importance and scarcity of Rare Earth Elements is driving search for alternatives and mitigation strategies


REEs are a series of chemical elements found in the Earth’s crust that are essential components of many technologies, including electronics, computer and communication systems, transportation, health care, and national defense. Rare Earths Elements (REE) are incorporated into many sophisticated technologies with both commercial and defense applications including smartphones and …

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Metamaterial based Antennas for wireless and space communications, GPS, satellites, airplanes and missile seekers


Researchers are always looking for new materials with novel properties. A metamaterial is a kind of artificial synthetic composite material with a specific structure, which exhibits properties not found in natural materials. Metamaterials have received increasing attention due to their unique electromagnetic properties. One of the most important applications of …

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Metamaterials promise simple machines, superlenses, superfast optical networks, EMI suppression and wireless charging


Metamaterials are artificially structured materials designed to control and manipulate physical phenomena such as light and other electromagnetic waves, sound waves and seismic waves in unconventional ways, resulting in exotic behavior that’s not found in nature. They are predicted to be able to protect the building from earthquakes by bending …

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New breakthroughs in Acoustic Metamaterials enable acoustic clocking, super-lensing , sound focusing and confinements


Acoustic metamaterials are artificially fabricated materials designed to control, direct, and manipulate sound waves.  More recently, the metamaterial concept has been extended to acoustic waves in a variety of scenarios of interest such as acoustic clocking, super-lensing and sound focusing and confinement. Acoustic metamaterial is defined as an artificial composite …

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Large growth in smart textiles providing sensing, energy harvesting and communication and military wearables


The past few years have seen the introduction of a number of wearable technologies, from fitness trackers to smart watches but with the increasing use of smart textiles, wearables are set to become ‘disappearables’ as the devices merge with textiles, according to a new report from Cientifica.Unlike today’s ‘wearables’ tomorrow’s …

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Gallium Nitride enabling IoT revolution, Cellular 5G to Military Communications, Radars and Jammers


GaN is a semiconductor material that can amplify high power radio frequency signals efficiently at microwave frequencies  to enhance  a system’s range. Therefore it has become the technology of choice for high-RF power applications that require the transmission of signals over long distances such as EW, radar, base stations and satellite communications.   The adoption of GaN has been advancing significantly over the last five years with several thousand …

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Army Research Laboratory developing poly(urethane urea) elastomers (PUUs) for combat helmets


Armor used to protect soldiers and vehicles has traditionally been comprised of ceramics, metals, or lightweight fiber-reinforced composites, which are typically based on stiffness (the resistance of a material against deformation) and toughness (the ability to absorb energy and plastically deform prior to fracture). The Army’s current combat helmet is made …

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Thermoelectric Generators to generate power for future homes, vehicles, consumer and Military equipment


A thermoelectric (TE) device can directly convert heat emanating from the Sun, radioisotopes, automobiles, industrial sectors, or even the human body to electricity. Many electrical and mechanical devices, such as car engines, produce heat as a byproduct of their normal operation. It’s called “waste heat,” and its existence is required by …

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