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Solid state cooling based on magnetocaloric, electrocaloric, and mechanocaloric materials advancing to replace present environmentally damaging refrigeration technologies


Current cooling technology, such as that found in fridges and air conditioning systems, exploits the changes in temperature when gases are compressed and expanded. This technology often uses environmentally damaging greenhouse gases. The search for materials with large caloric effects has become a major challenge in material science due to …

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Self-healing materials leading to automatic repairing smartphones, and flexible lightweight armor system providing blast and ballistic protection


The “self-healing” materials are those artificial (synthetic) substances that automatically repair themselves without any overt diagnosis of the problem or intervention by a human being. Self-healing materials, could have applications from bridges and buildings that repair their own cracks to car fenders made from shape-memory polymers that automatically flex back …

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Gallium Nitride entering mainstream to enable IoT revolution, Cellular 5G to Military Communications, Radars and Jammers


GaN is a semiconductor material that can amplify high power radio frequency signals efficiently at microwave frequencies  to enhance  a system’s range. Therefore it has become the technology of choice for high-RF power applications that require the transmission of signals over long distances such as EW, radar, base stations and satellite communications.   The adoption of GaN has been advancing significantly over the last five years with several thousand …

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New technologies and materials for thermal Management for Mission-Critical Military Ground, Sea, Air and Space systems


Cooling accounts for around 15% of the energy used in buildings in the US and contributes heavily to greenhouse-gas emissions. Worldwide, energy consumption related to cooling is expected to surpass that used for heating by 2070. Cooling challenges are only exacerbated by the harsh environments in which increasing numbers of …

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Synthetic Diamond is new strategic material for Industrial, Consumer. Electronics, Defense and Aerospace


Synthetic diamonds or Lab created diamonds  are those that are produced in an unnatural way emulating the conditions in which natural diamonds are created. These diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds (carbon) consisting of actual carbon atoms making them diamonds and also possess characteristics similar to natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are …

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Thermoelectric Generators based on new materials to power future homes, deep space missions and Military equipment


A thermoelectric (TE) device can directly convert heat emanating from the Sun, radioisotopes, automobiles, industrial sectors, or even the human body to electricity. Many electrical and mechanical devices, such as car engines, produce heat as a byproduct of their normal operation. It’s called “waste heat,” and its existence is required by …

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Ultra-High Temperature Materials critical for development of Sixth Generation Aircrafts, Hypersonic Missiles and Space planes


The era of hypersonic flight had arrived. Countries are developing future hypersonic Spaceplanes , enabling  intercontinental travel at very high speeds, that could  cut the journey times from the UK to Australia from the current duration of around 20 hours to as little as two hours.  They shall also provide revolutionary military …

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