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ARGUS-IS, and ARGUS-IR are DARPA’s most advanced Day/Night Surveillance systems in the sky


DARPA’s has developed advanced drone surveillance system ARGUS-IS (Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System), through a 30 month, $18.5 million contract awarded to BAE . The mission of the Autonomous Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance – Imaging System (ARGUS-IS) program is to provide users a flexible and responsive capability to …

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U.S. military seeking next generation extermely wideband, jam-resistant radios, based on RF photonics technology


DARPA is exploring extremely wideband RF links, which utilizing techniques such as direct sequence spread spectrum, that can provide a significant significant coding gain, to mitigate the effects of RF jamming and interference that threaten to disrupt important military operations while also providing operationally useful data-rates.   Assured access to …

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Compass-EOS unveils breakthrough router


Compass-EOS, has started offering modular routers based on its proprietary “icPhotonics technology”, that integrates optical and electronic components onto a single microchip, and has potential to provide congestion-free streaming of multicast video.

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