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Global race for 5G has begun driven by driverless cars, IOT, smart cities and Military


The global race is on to develop 5G, short for 5th generation mobile networking or 5th generation wireless systems. This next-generation network holds enormous promise, including fast Internet for everyone, smart cities, driverless cars, critical health care, “internet of things” revolution, and reliable and secure communications for critical infrastructures and services.  International …

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US Airforce ISR strategy for A2/AD environments is “Full-Spectrum Awareness” and “World-Class Expertise” which combine to the ultimate vision of “Delivering Decision Advantage.”


AF ISR 2023 Mission is to Enable decision advantage by providing and operating integrated, cross-domain ISR capabilities in concert with joint, national, and international partners. ISR is one of the Air Force’s five enduring core missions along with air and space superiority, rapid global mobility, global strike, and command and …

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Innovations in swarm behaviors improve military force protection, firepower, precision effects, and ISR capabilities in urban operations


The United States military successfully launched what it’s calling “one of the world’s largest micro-drone swarms” in October. The Department of Defense, the Strategic Capabilities Office, partnering with Naval Air Systems Command, successfully demonstration consisted of 103 Perdix drones launched from three F/A-18 Super Hornets. The micro-drones demonstrated advanced swarm …

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DARPA wants Secure, Jam Resistant and Adaptable Airborne Networks for Collaborative team of Manned & Unmanned Platforms


Modern airborne warfare is becoming increasingly complex, with manned and unmanned systems having to rapidly share information in a volatile environment where adversaries use advanced, commercially available electronic systems to disrupt U.S. and allied communications. Complicating the communications challenge for allied warfighters, many current airborne radio networks are incompatible with …

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Intelligence agencies and DOD employing Real-time behavioral analytics, for detecting advanced external and internal threats and mental health


Market research company Forrester report found,”U.S. organisations suffered $40 billion in losses due to employee theft and fraud.” ” 46% of nearly 200 technology decision-makers reported internal incidents as the most common cause of the breaches they experienced in the past year,” writes Chloe Green in Information Age article. The …

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Next Generation Neuromorphic ( brain like ) computing chips bring deep learning from cloud to mobile devices


Last March, Google’s computers roundly beat the world-class Go champion Lee Sedol, marking a milestone in artificial intelligence. The winning computer program, created by researchers at Google DeepMind in London, used an artificial neural network that took advantage of what’s known as deep learning, a strategy by which neural networks involving …

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